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I have personally experienced ABS and Traction control problems in the past. My problem was due to a faulty wheel speed sensor. These are a time consuming and difficult fix if you do not have the proper tools, so your best bet is to bring it to an auto repair shop or even the dealer.

It could be a wheel speed sensor, or if you live in a place that's cold or has harsh roads, then it can be an ABS wire. If the lights on your dash come on for BOTH traction control and ABS, that's normal. Traction control system and ABS systems use alot of the same components and are linked. Another possibility is that the problem was fixed and the codes haven't been erased. But........ if you have -40�C winters... it will happen all the time, lol.

Priscilla =^.^=

your ABS computer sets codes sort of like the one that might turn your "check engine" warning light on. Most garages will have the proper diagnostics to retrieve the code and tell you what is wrong. It could just be something as simple as a dirty wheel speed sensor.

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Q: How do you find an ABS or Traction Control Problem if there are no signs of anything being wrong?
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What would cause a 1996 Park Avenue Ultra with a supercharger to have the check engine light and traction control light on at the same time once in a while with MAF Sensor code incorrectly being sent?

A problem with the emissions will sometimes shut off the traction control, thus illuminating the light.

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