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Your question is vague. - Usually Plumbing pipe fitting is between studs in the walls. To fit new pipes, find studs with a 'studfinder' then cut down the centre of studs to remove drywall. Install pipe, then refit with new drywall on the 3/4 " of stud each side.

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Q: How do you find area for pipe fitting?
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How do you calculate the surface area of pipe fitting?

To calculate the surface area of a pipe fitting, you need to use the formula 3.14 x L x D. The L stands for the length of the pipe and the D is the diameter of the pipe.

What does tos stand for in pipe fitting?

what are some pipe fitting abb

Is a pipe fitting journeyman a promising career?

Yes, if you can find work.

What is meant by fitting allowance?

The fitting allowance is the difference: (pipe end to fitting center measurement) minus (pipe end to end measurement). It is the amount of length the fitting adds to the end of the pipe (to get the center of the turn).

How do you connect Copper pipe to PVC?

You can often find a modern connector such as Sharkbite or Qwest fitting to do this.

What nicknames does Adam Fitting go by?

Adam Fitting goes by Pipe.

What is pipe fitting?

the work of a pipe fitter 2 : a piece (such as a coupling or elbow) used to connect pipes or as accessory to a pipe Examples of pipe fitting in a Sentence Astral PVC Pipe is known for its flawless finish and high quality

How do you work out x dimensions?

measure the length of the fitting first. Then insert pipe into fitting and mark a line on pipe. measure that bit of pipe. deduct off the length of fitting and half it to give you your x dimension

What is an offset in pipe fitting?

Using fittings to change centerline of pipe.

What type of fitting do you use to connect PVC pipe to unthreaded galvanized pipe?

You can't. There is no fitting to do this. Galvanized has to be threaded.

What does SW in pipe fitting?

Sewer waste

What is the pipe fitting formula for a 22.5 degree?

Pipe size times 0.707

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