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How do you find azure flute in Pokemon Diamond?

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2014-03-25 19:14:09

First go to Jubilife City and go to the TV station and go in.

Next walk up to the 3rd floor and talk to the man that is standing

next to the girl. He will then ask you what is your opinion for TV,

then press yes. Then press on the first rectangle and go to

'PEOPLE' and press EVERYONE, then press on the second rectangle and

click on 'FEELINGS' and press on HAPPY, and then press


Then he asks another question and press yes. You then press the

first rectangle and go down to 'UNION' and press WI-FI. Then press

on the second rectangle and press 'UNION' then press CONNECTION.

Then press confirm.

Then when you save and turn of the game and then turn it back

on, the main menu will have a slot that is called MYSTERY GIFT, and

that's it.

You'll know it works after THIS happens:

1) You talk to the dude, first you type EVERYBODY then HAPPY

(works better if you walk on square in spear pillar first)

2) Second box you type WIFI then CONNECTION

3) He will say something about you being a trainer, keep you in

"the know"

4) Save/Shut off

5) Mystery Gift will be the menu box (press x works better)

6) Receive your gift! dont forget to talk to man in mart

This only works in English.

None of this actually works can you please tell me how to FIND

the azure flute and not by mystery gift or Action Replay.

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