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How do you find azure flute in Pokemon Diamond?

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First go to Jubilife City and go to the TV station and go in. Next walk up to the 3rd floor and talk to the man that is standing next to the girl. He will then ask you what is your opinion for TV, then press yes. Then press on the first rectangle and go to 'PEOPLE' and press EVERYONE, then press on the second rectangle and click on 'FEELINGS' and press on HAPPY, and then press 'confirm'.

Then he asks another question and press yes. You then press the first rectangle and go down to 'UNION' and press WI-FI. Then press on the second rectangle and press 'UNION' then press CONNECTION. Then press confirm.

Then when you save and turn of the game and then turn it back on, the main menu will have a slot that is called MYSTERY GIFT, and that's it.

You'll know it works after THIS happens:

1) You talk to the dude, first you type EVERYBODY then HAPPY (works better if you walk on square in spear pillar first)

2) Second box you type WIFI then CONNECTION

3) He will say something about you being a trainer, keep you in "the know"

4) Save/Shut off

5) Mystery Gift will be the menu box (press x works better)

6) Receive your gift! dont forget to talk to man in mart

This only works in English.

None of this actually works can you please tell me how to FIND the azure Flute and not by mystery gift or Action Replay.

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How do you find the azure flute in Pokemon diamond?

The Azure Flute is only available as a Nintendo Event item.

How do you find azure flute in Pokemon platinum?

the same as diamond or pearl

Where do you find the flute in pokemon diamond?

You can get the Azure flute once in awhile when Nintendo hosts an event or by an action replay.

Where do you get the azure flute on Pokemon Platinum?

where to find a azure flute without action replay and cheating in pokemon platinum

How To Get The Azure Flute In Pokemon Diamond?

After you beat the champion you got a new place. Go there and go to the pokemart. You will see a police man. Talk to him and you will get the azure flute. Then you can go to the spear pillar. Blow the flute. You will find a legendary pokemon. I forgot its name.

How do you find an Azure Flute in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have completed the national pokedex go to Canalave city in diamond pearl and in platnum.go to the blue store.there be will be a guy in a green suit waiting for you he will give you the azure flute.

How do you find a azure flute in diamond without cheats?

You can not. The Azure Flute is a hack-only item at the moment. However, there may be a time in the future where it will be released legitimately, since Arceus is a featured Pokemon in the upcoming film.

How do you find the Azure flute in diamond version?

u need actionreplay

What are the esiest ways to find and catch arceus in Pokemon Diamond without action replay?

Go to a event that distribute the Azure Flute

How can you find arcues on Pokemon diamond?

you cant get it unless you have action replay or the azure flute from the wifi event then you go to spear pillar then the azure flute will make a noise and then there will be stairs go up the stairs and catch arceus

How do you use Azure Flute in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to spear pillar where you find Dialga and use it there. A stairway will appear and go up it and you will find arceus

How do you get arceus without a cheat in Pokemon diamond?

You have to get the 'Azure Flute'. The Azure Flute is a key item given out at Nintendo events. You will have to find a Nintendo event where this is happening. The only other way is to cheat. ...YOU GET BAD EGG HA A PRANK...

How do you activate the azure flute in Pokemon diamond?

Well.. you have to get an mytry gift from a event. then go to spear pillar, blow the flute and there will be a new stairway and at the top yo can find... ARCEUS!

Where do you find the azure flute on Pokemon diamond?

There was a Pokemon event at Toys R Us a long time ago that allowed you to obtain it, but it's no longer available now.

In Pokemon diamond were can you find Arceus?

You will need an azure flute though. Go to Mt. Cornet top where you see dialga and use the azure flute right at the entrence and stairs will appear. Go up them and walk forward and you will see arceus.

Where to find the azure flute in diamond?

The Azure Flute is only obtainable via cheating (using an Action Replay) or through an event. It cannot be found in normal gameplay.

How do you find azure flute in diamond?

This item is only obtainable at a Nintendo Event where you can get Arceus.

How do you get a azure flute in Pokemon diamond?

You have to go to a special event go to a site and find out i dont know which site though..... hope that helped -Majbrit

In pokemon diamond where can you get the azure flute?

The Azure flute (or Heaven Flute directly translated from Japanese) is an avent item used to find Arceus. Nintendo sponsors these events and in GameStop is the store that usually hosts them. The avent is over, the only way to get Arceus or the Azure Flute is to trade it or use an Action Replay code, which I do not have, because I don't need the Action Replay to beat a game.

Where do you find Arceus in Pokemon platinum?

Get to the top of Spear pillar with the azure flute.

How do you find the azure flute in Pokemon pearl?

you have to beat the elite 4 first

Where to find Arceus on Pokemon diamond?

you need the azure flute given from an event when you have it after bearing the elite four go to spear pillar use it and it should come

Where do you find flutes?

You get the Pokemon flute from a part of the storyline. The azure flute is a Nintendo event thing. You can find another flute in the game corner. You have to buy it with your coins!

How do you get to the hall of origin?

You need the azure flute. then you go to spear pillar.the Azure flute will begin to make noises. blow into the Azure flute and a glowing stairway will appear. walk up the stairway and you will find a diamond platform. that is the hall of origin. go to the back and you will find Arceus, the creator of all Pokemon! to catch Arceus, at the start of the battle, throw a master-ball and POOF!!! HES YOURS!!!

How do you find arceus when you have azure flute?

go to spear pillar then play the azure flute