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You can safely put 2ml into the 10l aquarium

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Q: How do you find how much water conditioner to put into a 10l Aquarium if I have to put in 5ml into a 38l aquarium?
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How can one set up a freshwater aquarium?

If you have never set up a freshwater aquarium before, it would be best to call an expert. Check Yelp listings for some freshwater aquarium stores in your area. You will find reviews on them and choose which company is best for you.

What you need to clean a fish tank?

Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Extender Aquarium Gravel Cleaner -Cleans waste on and under the gravel Aqueon Algae Cleaning Aquarium Magnet -Cleans algae off the glass Petco Bucket -Any unused 5 gallon would be fine Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner -Put This into water you are going to add back to the tank You can search these keywords and find the stuff online.

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Were can you find 1 inch intake hose for a aquarium filter?

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Were will you find seaweed?

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Do they sell koi fish in pet stores?

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Where can you find an aquarium hood with area for a light bulb that will fit a 10 gallon aquarium?

You should be able to find them at the store you bought the tank from. Also most any fish supply retailer sells them. Hoods are useful to prevent water from evaporating out of your tank and to provide good lighting.

What would you do to control the turbidity of the water in the aquarium?

Make sure the aquarium has adequate filtration and water flow. Ensure that the water is clean (ie, do water changes) to maintain low nutrient levels. Keep the aquarium out of direct sunlight so as to prevent algae blooms. Maintain the biological filter properly so that you don't get ammonia/nitrite spikes and their associated bacterial blooms (which will make the water cloudy). You can also use a variety of products designed to make the water clear. You can find them online at

Is aquarium salt for fresh water fish?

The proper use of aquarium salt for fresh water tanks is a good idea. The fish find it soothing. But you must follow directions carefully; don't use too much. Make sure the product you use is made for fresh water tanks, and read and follow the directions.