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Where did you find the "Forehand Arms Co."? This was the successor firm to Forehand & Wadsworth and operated from 1890 to 1902. It is quite possible that a Forehand Arms revolver would have had F&W grips if the new company was being economical and using up old parts, but it should NOT have the Smith & Wesson monogram on the other side. If it has a solid frame, it is probably the model listed in the Official Price Guide to Antique & Modern Firearms as simply "Revolver, 38 S&W". If the barrel and cylinder assembly is hinged, then it will probably be the "Perfection Automatic."

Re-reading your post, I see that you only say it is a .38 caliber. I was only looking at revolvers chambered for the 38S&W cartridge, but if it should happen to use .38 Long Rimfire, it could be the "Bulldog,' but I think it would be marked with that name.

I have F&W that is a 32 long with octagonal barrel. When I researched it a few years ago I learned that the company was started by Ethan Allens brother. I think his name was Seth. I used Google to research it and used many different search strings. There is lots of information out there, unfortunately I didn't bookmark or print it. Try different search strings and you will find the answers you need. Fred Saint Petersburg, FL

Hi! I have a Forehand Arms Co. .32 caliber pistol with a 5 in. barrel, top break revolver, 6 chamber, nickle plated with wooden handle. Here are the stamped makings on top off the barrol: FOREHAND ARMS CO. WOROESTS MASS.U.S.A. PAT.JAN.11NOV.29'87JAN3'88. Here are the stamped makings on the cartridge: 3108 this has a circl stamped around it.

I would like to know how old and what it is worth. I know Sullivan Forehand and C. Wadsworth son-in-laws to Ethan Allen took over the company on his death in 1871. They ran the compay under the name Forehand & Wadsworth from 1871-1890 when Wadsworth retired. Forehand to over changing the company name to Forehand Arms Company 1890-1898. Forehand died 1898 and his ears ran the company until they sold it 1902 to Hopkins & Allen.


Seems hard to find a lot of information about Forehand Arms as they are always just a footnote to Forehand & Wadsworth. The only .32 topbreak revolver I can find listed is called the Pocket Model in Traister's Antique Guns. This book is from 1994, so the value of $250 in Excellent condition is probably not valid anymore. There is not a lot of interest in these, so I would guess that one in New condition might be a bit over $1000 and $250 would probably get one in NRA Fair to Good condition.

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Q: How do you find info on a Forehand Arms Co pistol?
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