How do you find information about the murder of a little girl named Diane Taylor in 1963 in Chicago?


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Diane Taylor was murdered in August of 1963.

Find out which newspapers were being published in Chicago at that time. Most papers still being published will have a web site. Go to the web site and find the section labeled "Archive". Once you access that you can probably find the info you need. You may need to write to the paper or there may be a fee to pay for someone to do research in the newspaper archives.

Another thing you could try is contacting the police department in the section of town where it happened. If you live in the area you may have better luck if you visit papers and/or police in person.

Newspapers at the time: Chicago American, Chicago Daily News, Chicago SunTimes and the Tribune.

The Chicago Tribune's archives are online, but they require a fee to access them. Your public library may belong to a database so you can access them for free.


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