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go to men-prisoners of war-internmentcamps in the united states(.com)

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Q: How do you find information on German POWs in the US during World War 2?
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Who Was Interned In Britain During World War?

German POWs.

Would German POWs have be hesitant to enter a Jewish store during world war 2?

the allies did not make Jews label their stores as Jewish, so the POWs would not know that it was a Jewish store.

Why did the US transport German POWs to America during World War 2 instead of keeping them in Europe?

Space and resources such as food and personnel to guard the prisoners was lacking in Europe. On the other hand, German POWs in the US provided useful labor such as picking crops and erecting buildings.

Were there any cases of US POWs who murdered fellow US POWs in German POW camps during World War 2?

Possibly, informers (also called taddle-tails, rats, or snitches) were the most commonly encountered problem in prisons...military or civilian.

What is the significance of POWs during World War 1?

everything they are war heroes

How were Australian soldiers taken as POWs in North Africa in World War 2 treated?

From what I understand that North Africa was Erwin Rommel's (German Army Commander) territory. He treated his POWs with respect, fed and housed just as good as German troops.

Is there a list of the names of POWS held in stalag 2b during World War 2?


What POW camps where there in Galveston during World War 2 how many POWs what nationality?

There was one prisoner of war camp in Galveston, Texas during World War II. It was the Wallace camp and it held German prisoners of war. It held an average of 3,000 to 4,000 prisoners.

How many US soldiers became German POWs?

93,941 U.S. Army & Air Corps personnel were captured & held as POWs by Axis Forces in the E.T.O. during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Were all of stalins victims his own people?

No. Many were German POWs for example.

Name the movie in which POWs plot an escape from German prison camp?

The Great Escape

How many prisoners of war were killed during world war 2?

3.3 Million POW's were killed during World War 2, 3 Million alone just being Soviet POWs.

Where can you find information about animals kept by POWs in US prison camps during World War 2?

On Google if havent already tried but I've been searching alot for some in school but i couldn't find any names of them

How many German POWs were held in the USA Canada and Great Britain?

im not sure about usa or Canada but in Britain there was 400,000 German prisoners.

Who led the POWS in World War 2?

POW = prisoner of war. they were prisoners and as such didn't really have a leader. there were POWs on both sides

'what did the POWS do to keep their spirits up during the World War 2 Japanese occupation'?

A choir performanceA game of chessA boxing tournamentand so on...

Why were POWs captured in World War 2?

Because they surrendered.

Where did German pow go after being captured during WW2?

Close to 400,000 German POWs were brought to the United States during the war where they were held in over 500 camps located throughout the country. Millions more were held in camps throughout the UK, continental Europe, The USSR, Canada, Australia, and Africa.

What was the general treatment of the pows?

What was the Pows?

Were there trades made with the opposite side during WW1?

There are some vintage pictures of prisoner exchanges during World War I. Since there were millions of soldiers, the problem of POWs was enormous for both sides.

Osi and sfs are authorized to beat pows if they believe the pow has useful information?


What was erwin rommel famous for?

He was famous for being highly respected by his enemies and allies.He was a German Field Marshal during World War 2 who commanded the German forces fighting against the Allied Forces during Normandy invasion.He is also damned desert fox for being the most experianced general of desert warefare. He was known to not to kill POWs or Civilians which gained maximum respec from the enemy.

How many German POWs were taken by the Allies on the Western Front after D-Day?

About 12,500 German P.O.W.s were taken, and 57,000 P.O.W.s on the axis and allies combined.

How many POWs were captured in world war 2?

Almost all of them.

How many POWs died in World War 2?

15,000 or more