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You can go to their website

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Q: How do you find information on New England Firearms Mini Pardner shotguns?
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Where can you find information about a New England Firearms Mini Pardner shotgun? and or New England Fire Arms Phone Number (978)632-9393

What is the value of a New England Firearms 410 Pardner?

If it is in good shape, between $60 and $120.

What is the value of a 12 gauge New England firearms pardner SB1?

75-150 USD

How much does a New England firearms 28 gauge shotgun cost?

A Pardner 28 gauge single shot cost is 110.00 to 130.00 A Pardner 28 gauge single shot cost is 110.00 to 130.00

Shotgun New England firearms pardner model SP1?

50 bucks...unless it was owned by Abe Lincoln or used by Custer at the Little Bighorn.

What is the value of a 12 gauge New England Firearms Pardner model SB1?

$100-$165, depending on condition.

What is the value of a 20 gauge New England Firearms Pardner model SB1?

In "good" condition the gun in question would have an approximate retail value of $125.

Can you shoot a 30-30 bullet out of a new England firearms Pardner 410 shotgun?

No, you cannot, unless a dedicated. 30-30 barrel is provided and used.

Where are pardner guns made?

New England

What is the retail value of a new England firearms NP1-228 pardner pump 12 gauge shot gun with walnut stock new?

205 new on

Does the 12 gauge New England Firearms Pardner Model SB1 shoot both slugs and buck shot?

Yes it will shoot slugs and buckshot, some use them as a deer gun.

What folding shotgun stocks are compatible with a New England or HF shotgun?

for the NEF pardner pump 12 gauge all stocks that are compatible with the Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun will fit on this peticular gun, for NEF single shot pardner shotguns, ATI technologies make a adjustable tactical shotgun stock for this model

What is a New England Firearms 410 ga 3 inch full choke Pardner Model serial NN200491 worth?

Check go2gbo. com Around Southern Indiana in the pawn shops it sells for about $70

How old is a pardner-model sb1 410?

A New England Firearms gun--try looking up the serial number online or sending H&R (the parent company) an email request with the serial number.

How do you disassemble a New England 12 ga. pardner shotgun?

The pardner design is astoundingly similar to the Remington 870 design. Search for Remington 870 dissembly (or cleaning); I believe there are several Utube videos.

How Much is a newengland firearms pardner sbi 410 Ga Worth?

You can buy one new for around $140 (after tax). Depending on condition, you can buy a used one from an average of $75 to $100

When did they start making the new England 410 pardner shot gun?

1987. There is a letter prefix to the SN that allows you to determine the year of manufacture.

What is pardner 12 ga shotgun worth?

A second-hand H&R Pardner 12ga is probably worth between $50.00 & $75.00. lcj

What is the value of a pardner model 3SBI?

100 USD

Can a New England single shot 3inch model pardner shotgun shoot a 3inch mag shot?

If it's chamberd for 3" magnum shells and the owner's manual says so.

Are cowboy hats unisex?

Yeah, pardner they sho 'nuff are!

What is a good sentence using enmity?

Curb your enmity, pardner.

Can this gun shoot slugs it's a new England 12 gauge pardner 3 mod?

Yes but make sure you use rifled slugs. DON'T USE SABOT SLUGS. those require a rifled barrel. I use winchester super X rifled slugs in my pardner and inside of 70 yards I hit with a good grouping. Of-course, use the brand that works best with your gun.

What is the simplest form of 6 over 13?

It don't get no simpler, pardner.

Can you shoot slugs through an H and R Pardner pump?