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Where can you find information about a New England Firearms Mini Pardner shotgun?

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Copy and or New England Fire Arms Phone Number (978)632-9393

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Shotgun New England firearms pardner model SP1?

50 bucks...unless it was owned by Abe Lincoln or used by Custer at the Little Bighorn.

How much does a New England firearms 28 gauge shotgun cost?

A Pardner 28 gauge single shot cost is 110.00 to 130.00 A Pardner 28 gauge single shot cost is 110.00 to 130.00

Can you shoot a 30-30 bullet out of a new England firearms Pardner 410 shotgun?

No, you cannot, unless a dedicated. 30-30 barrel is provided and used.

How old is your new England firearms shotgun?

how old is my new England firearms 410 shotgun ser# NR-378884

What folding shotgun stocks are compatible with a New England or HF shotgun?

for the NEF pardner pump 12 gauge all stocks that are compatible with the Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun will fit on this peticular gun, for NEF single shot pardner shotguns, ATI technologies make a adjustable tactical shotgun stock for this model

How do you disassemble a New England 12 ga. pardner shotgun?

The pardner design is astoundingly similar to the Remington 870 design. Search for Remington 870 dissembly (or cleaning); I believe there are several Utube videos.

What is a new England firearms 410 ga shotgun worth?


How old do you have to own a shotgun in england?

In England you must be at least 14 years old to obtain a Firearms Certificate which allows you to own a shotgun. A shotgun can be obtained under the age of 14 with a Shotgun Certificate signed by a parent.

What is the value of a New England Firearms 20 gauge shotgun?

50-175 USD or so

What is pardner 12 ga shotgun worth?

A second-hand H&R Pardner 12ga is probably worth between $50.00 & $75.00. lcj

How much is a pardner 410 shotgun worth in good condition?

50 dollars

What is value of a pardner pump h and r 1871 shotgun?

50-100 or so

How do you find information on a Stevens model shotgun?

There's a whole shelf of books on firearms in your library. Or you may find information on

Can a New England single shot 3inch model pardner shotgun shoot a 3inch mag shot?

If it's chamberd for 3" magnum shells and the owner's manual says so.

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun? What is the value Stevens firearms 1907 20 gauge pump shotgun?

National firearms 12 gauge shotgun looking for info on this gun?

how old is a national firearms 12 gauge shotgun serial number A23163

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Barrett Firearms double barrel shotgun?

The current Barrett Firearms does not make a double shotgun. Exactly how is your gun marked?

What year is your new England firearms 410 shotgun made with serial number NM328419?

I can say that the new england brand of shotguns were imported between 1987-2007.These were imported by H&R.

Can somebody get killed with a shotgun?

Of course they can. A shotgun is one of the most powerful firearms on the open market

How do you find the age of a single barrel Crescent Firearms shotgun?

Circa 1890-1930. Would have to have more information to get closer.

Did Crescent Firearms manufacturer a side by side 12 gauge shotgun for Howard firearms co?


Replacement stock for crescent firearms shotgun?

At Gunstocks Inc.

Who was the maker of the double barrel hammer shotgun with The New England stamped on the receiver?

New England Firearms was a division of Marlin, made under the brand H&R.

Where can you find information about an 12 gauge AJ Aubrey Meriden Firearms Co single shot shotgun serial 18861?

Meriden Firearms, Meriden, Connecticut, operated from 1905 to 1915 and was owned by Sears Robuck. Mr. A J Aubrey was the Sears official in charge of Meriden Firearms.

How do you load a pardner pump shotgun?

If you do not know this or are unable to Google it or Youtube it and find out then I must question your competence in actually possessing a loaded gun.