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W.A. Carson was a Western artist who worked in oils and pastels and produced art that was made into popular prints of the late 1890s.I have an original pastel work by him and would also like to know how much it is worth. My work's signature has a C in a circle for copyright which indicates that it has been made into a print.

I have a what looks like a pastel painting by W.A. Carson. I bought this painting because I liked the frame, which is unique. My painting is of a mountain stream in a gorge with a big moose standing in the water. I almost threw it out but it caught my eye, I would like to know more about this artist.

I, too, have a pastel by W.A. Carson which is of a moose standing in a stream surrounded by mountains. It was framed by the Royal Art Studios, Chicago, IL. I bought the painting in an auction and have not been able to find out any information about the artist or the value of this pastel artwork

This is an eBay link that might be helpful:

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Q: How do you find information on a W A Carson painting with a water stream in a mountain framed by the Chicago Portrait Co?
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