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The 36th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron was assigned the the US Ninth Army after it arrived in France, November 26, 1944.

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Q: How do you find information on the 36th Cavalry Recon Squadron in World War 2 and did they belong to the 11th Group and their relationship to the Blackhorse Unit?
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How can you find information about the 36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2?

Go to and search "36th Cavalry Squadron during World War 2"

What is the history of the 5th Armored Division 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Troop A?

The history of the 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron can be found at

How can you find what division and regiment the 28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron was from?

The 28th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized was part of the 6th Cavalry Group, which was originally part of the XV Corps. The 6th Cavalry Group was part of Patton's Third Army.

What does squadron mean?

ANSWERThe name squadron means a military unit. Some example:a cavalry squadron, a war ship squadron, a bomber or a fighter squadron (Air Force).

Is squadron a collective noun?

Yes, the noun 'squadron' is a collective noun for:a squadron of cavalrya squadron of planesa squadron of fighter planesa squadron of jetsa squadron of swans

How many soldiers in an army squadron?

Traditionally, in the 20th century, Air Squadron's consisted of approximately 17 aircraft. For the US Army, during the Vietnam War (there have been many changes since Vietnam), a US Armored Cavalry Squadron consisted of approximately 600 men. A squadron was equivalent to a battalion; and a battalion's company in the cavalry was called a troop. In the artillery, a company was called a "battery."

When will the 1st Squadron 108th Cavalry Regiment in Afghanistan come home?

FEB. 14 2009

Where can you find information about the 15th Cavalry 5th Squadron?

The 15th Cav has an association you may contact for further information. 15th Cavalry Group Mr. Danny Monico 42 George Street Binghamton, NY 13904 607-724-9174 You might also try this web site

What is squadron as a collective noun?

The noun 'squadron' is a collective noun for:a squadron of cavalrya squadron of planesa squadron of fighter planesa squadron of jetsa squadron of swansSquadron is a sub division of a naval fleet detached for a particular task. Or, an air force unit comprising two or more flights

What kind of noun is squadron?

The noun 'squadron' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a military group; a word for a thing.The noun 'squadron' is a standard collective noun for:a squadron of aeroplanesa squadron of cavalrya squadron of fighter planesa squadron of flying fisha squadron of jetsa squadron of planesa squadron of shipsa squadron of swan

Who where the most influential leaders in Vietnam?

Colonel George S. Patton, commander 11th ACR in Vietnam; son of WW2 Gen G.S. Patton. (11th ACR/Armored Cavalry Regiment/Blackhorse).

George S Pattons lost son?

His son, also named George S. Patton commanded the 11ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) Blackhorse in Vietnam in 1968. He just passed away this century.

How many people to a division of cavalry?

During the Vietnam War, a squadron of US Armored Cavalry was approximately 600 cavalrymen. Two or more squadrons equalled a regiment; two or more regiments equalled a division. During the Vietnam War (the Army has changed since that time) an Army battalion was equal to a squadron. A cavalry "troop" was equal to a battalion's "company." In the Artillery, a company is called a "battery." Examples: "A" Company, "B" Battery, "C" Troop.

What US military unit with most Medals Of Honor?

First Squadron, First Cavalry Regiment has the most with 37 Medal of Honor recipients.

What is the meaning of collective noun squadron?

Squadron is a military unit; an operational unit in an air force consisting of two or more flights of aircraft and the personnel required to fly them; principal division of an armored or cavalry regiment, consisting of two or more troops.

How many Troops were there in the Vietnam war?

There were about 10 Armored Cavalry Squadrons in Vietnam; each squadron containing approximately 4 Troops...three line and one headquarters.

How many men in an infantry squadron?

Infantry isn't formed in squadrons - the cavalry is. An infantry company can range from around 120 - 150 soldiers for a light infantry company.

How can you find the pocket insignia patch for 3rd squadron 5th cavalry Vietnam?

Vietnam War 3/5 Cav Association has a web site; equipped with phone numbers.

What object could be a part of a squadron?

During WWII, a USN squadron "could" consist of four US destroyers (warships); during the Vietnam War a USAF squadron "could" consist of about twelve US F4 Phantom jets (warplanes); a US Army squadron (in Vietnam) was equivalent to an army battalion, roughly 600 men or more. The US Armored Cavalry in Vietnam used the term "squadron" instead of "battalion", and used the term "regiment" instead of the word "brigade." Two or more squadrons made up a regiment in the cavalry; or two or more battalions made up a brigade within an Armor or Infantry unit. Two or more regiments or brigades (in the US Army during the Vietnam War) made up a division. In Vietnam, US Army Armored Cavalry squadrons consisted of M551 Sheridan tanks (Armored Airborne Reconnaissance Assault Vehicles) and M113 APC/ACAV (Armored Personnel Carriers/Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles). US Army Armor Battalions consisted of M48A3 Patton tanks; US Army Mechanized Infantry battalions consisted of M113 APC/ACAVs.

What is a unit of cavalry men?

Normally, during the Vietnam War, when a man asked what unit you were with, you'd reply, "...3/5 Cav", or "1st of the O' Duce (1/502nd)", etc. Therefore, when asking about a man's unit, the question was normally referring to his battalion of his particular regiment. Reference to the above examples; the 3/5 Cav means 3rd Squadron 5th Cavalry...and the "1st of the O'Duce" meant 1st battalion of the 502nd Infantry. If the fella asking the question wanted something other than the unit, he'd ask, "What Troop are ya with?" or "What company are ya with?" (those were designated by letters, such as "A" Troop or "B" Company), or "Whose platoon are you with?" (those were numbered, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). For divisions (patches were sewn on the shoulders, when sewing & patches were available); the question would be, "What division are you guys?" Therefore, a "unit" of US Cavalrymen would be a battalion of air cavalrymen (standard infantrymen=grunts), and that could vary between 600 and 900 men. A "unit" of US Army armored cavalry was called a SQUADRON (not a battalion) and had TROOPS (not companies) and since they were mechanized, they'd had about 900 to 1200 in the squadron. Two or more squadrons equalled a cavalry regiment. Only ONE full cav regiment was in Vietnam...the Blackhorse regiment, the 11th ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) commanded by the son of WWII General Patton...Colonel George S. Patton Jr.

What war did Patton fight in?

USA GEN George S. Patton Jr. commanded the 3rd Army during WWII; his son, also named COL George S. Patton Jr. commanded the 11th ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment-Blackhorse) in the Vietnam War.

Did General George S Patton have a son named Charles Patton?

WWII General George S. Patton's son, also named George S. Patton, was a Colonel in the Vietnam War commanding the 11th ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment, aka Blackhorse Regiment).

How many in a squadron?

There is a difference between the US Air Force Squadrons and US Army Squadrons. From approximately WWI thru the Vietnam War; US Air Force/US Navy Air Squadrons might have approximately 15 to 17 airplanes per squadron. For the US Army; WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War, Squadrons were equal to approximately "an Army battalion", which averaged about 600 men per squadron. In the US Army "squadrons" were for "Armored Cavalry" units. Tank units were called ARMOR BATTALIONS, Infantry units were called INFANTRY BATTALIONS, Artillery units were called ARTILLERY BATTALIONS, and Armored Cavalry units were called CAVALRY SQUADRONS. There was a difference in "Company" names also: Armor Battalions, Infantry Battalions, Artillery Battalions, and Armored Cavalry Squadrons were titled differently; ARMOR companies are called companies. Such as Company "A". INFANTRY companies are called companies. Such as Company "B". ARTILLERY companies are called BATTERIES. Such as Battery "C". ARMORED CAVALRY companies are called TROOPS. Such as Troop "D". AFTER THE VIETNAM WAR, the US Army made changes. During the Vietnam War, an Artillery Battery contained 6 Field Guns; today they contain 8 Artillery Pieces. During the Vietnam War, a Tank Company consisted of 17 M-48 Patton Tanks, with 5 Pattons per Platoon, with 2 Pattons in Headquarters Platoon. Today a US Army tank company consists of four M-1 Abrams Tanks per platoon. During the Vietnam War, the 11th (ACR) Blackhorse Regiment (Armored Cavalry Regiment) was the only FULL Cavalry Regiment in country (other Cavalry units were Squadrons or Troops). An Armored Cavalry REGIMENT was approximately equal to a regular US Army BRIGADE. Again, for the 21st Century, the US Army had evolved with time; and today's military organization is different.

Was general Pattons son commander of second ad 1976 fort hood Texas?

Yes he was. I was assigned to the 2nd Squadron 1st Cavalry which was the divisional Cav unit in the 2nd Armored division.

Which war was he a veteran off?

GEN Shinseki (USA Ret), the new nominee for Secretary of Veteran's Affairs, is a veteran of the Vietnam War, and was commander (Captain) of "A" Troop, 3rd Squadron, 5th Armored Cavalry in I Corps in Vietnam.

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