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How do you find information on your father who served during World War 2 in the US Army 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment in New Guinea?


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You can check with the local VA office. They should be able to help you out.

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The 130th Infantry Regiment was one of the three regiments within the 33rd "Illinois" Infantry Division. They wore a shoulder patch in the shape of a BLACK circle with a YELLOW "+" centered on it. The 130th Regiment fought in the Pacivic and earned credit for campaigns in Luzon and New Guinea.

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The 151st Infantry was one of the three infantry regiments in the 38th Infantry Division. This was a National Guard Division from Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. The Division left the states and arrived in Hawaii in January 1944. The 38th ID saw action in New Guinea, the southern Philippines, and also on Luzon Island.

The 172nd Infantry was one of the three regiments in the 43rd Infantry Division in WWII. In peacetime this was a National Guard division from New England. Like all National Guard divisions called into active service for WWII ("Federalized"), it received infusions of men from all over and lost much of its flavor as a state-based National Guard unit. The division fought in the Pacific, in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, and on Luzon in the Philippines Islands. See the link below for a more detailed WWII history.

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