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I am not sure I understand what you are after. To locate the history of the internet on an Apple Computer (Macintosh) you can approach it the same way you would on a PC. You can go to a search engine and use the phrase "history of the internet" or search one of the many online encyclopedias, like this one or, for a brief history, try this site: MrV --You can also go to the history in your web browser, if that is what you mean.

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Q: How do you find internet history on a Mac?
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How do you find website history on your mac?

go on tools at the top click internet options and look for delete history

How delete the history on a Mac?

If you mean on the internet, look at the top bar on the Mac while safari is open. Click 'history' and then go to the bottom of the list. Then click 'clear history'.

Where can you find the history of Georgia?

u can find the history of Georgia on the internet

How do you delete terminal history mac?

At the top you will find a button that will say history

Can you find deleted history on a mac?

no you cant to bad

How can you find deleted web history on a mac?

You can't

How do you find browsing history on your computer?

if you are on a mac you have to log on to safari and then at the top bar it says history and you click on that and it will show you your history but if your on a p.c i have no idea my advice to you would be to get a mac

Can a Mac have low speed internet?

Yes a mac can have a slow internet speed.

What is the history of the Internet?

The history of the Internet is a bit too long to describe here in one or two paragraphs. You can find a history of the Internet in the Wikipedia article "History of the Internet". The introductory paragraphs give you a summary; or you can read the entire article for more details.

When was Internet Explorer for Mac created?

Internet Explorer for Mac was created on 1996-04-23.

Where can you find information on San Bernardino history?

In an encyclopedia or on the internet

Does a mac need a wi-fi station to use internet?

A Mac can be wired to access the Internet Typically an ethernet cable would connect the Mac to a router connected to the Internet.

How do You find the IP address of a mac?

Find Home Menu, highlight & select the Systems Settings Icon, select "Internet Settings", Tap "other information". Tap confirm MAC address, your systems MAC address will be displayed on the server.

What internet provider comes installed on a mac computer?

No Internet provider comes installed on a Mac computer.

Can you permantantly delete your internet history form your computer?

In order to delete internet history, many people tend to find the tools in their browsers. For example, in Firefox, selelct Tools, and you can find where to delete the internet history.But actually, even you think you have deleted the history, Windows system still records them somewhere you can't find.A history record file named index.dat is like that. You can find it, but you can not delete it manually.I use a tool named history cleaner / privacy protector to do this.

How do you open history in Internet explorer?

Click on favorites (star) then along the top you will find history

What is history of Internet?

history of the internet

How can you find out your wife deleted history on internet?

"Ctrl+H", if there's nothing on the history, then your wife has deleted the history on your internet. However, you can specifically remove parts of the History, so this isn't 100% accurate.

When was the final update of Internet Explorer for Mac?

The Final update for Internet Explorer for Mac was released on July 11th, 2003. After December 31st, 2005 support for Internet Explorer for Mac will end.

Where can one find more information about the history of the internet?

There are quite a few places where one can find more information about the history of the internet. One of the best places is to find this information is in a book at ones local library or bookstore.

Where can you buy Mac lip gloss from?

From the internet or the MAC store

Find internet history on PC?

It depends on the type of computer you have or what Internet browser you have. Like for Internet explorer, you go to the favorite's star and click on history button. Try checking your computer manual, or check the Internet.

How do you delete your web history?

depends if you have a mac or PC ... Mac- go to Safari click the history button @ the top PC- click start on desktop, go to settings, click control panel, double click internet options, make sure the general tab is selected, click clear history in the history box

Does the internet explorer browser work on a mac?

Yes, Internet explorer does work on mac. It has a different operating system though. Just like how microsoft pcs has internet explorer, mac does too and its similar.

Why should you clear your internet history?

so your parents dont find out