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Without hacking, there isn't a way to catch a mew without a Nintendo Event.

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Lendary Pokemon in pearl?

complete the game idiots!

What is Pokemon 103 in the Pokemon Ranger browser?

porygon you can get him in the dusk factory after you catch the lendary dog

How do you get to the last gym in Pokemon soul silver?

get the lendary pokemon lugia then you can go to blackthorn city and go from their

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get lendary Pokemon?

do you mean the 3 lake ones? if so, go to the cave in each lake. all of them are there.

How can you get lendary Pokemon in explore of darkness?

pee on it, then sparks will fly and if done correctly, you will have all the legedarys

Where are the lendary Pokemon in ruby?

The legendary pokemon are located in: Cave of Origin, Sky Pillar, Desert Tomb, Island Tomb, Ancient Tomb.

Pokemon platinum pokedex action replay cheat?

950004 5999589 4567367 9043485 0192836 d20000 no kiding and have all Pokemon + lendary Pokemon even shaymin darki and acrers

How do you start off with a lendary Pokemon in fire red withoutv using a game shark?

You can't. I'm not sure, but I think that it may be possible to get Zapdos before you beat the elite four though.

Can you get the lendary Pokemon from Diamond in pearl?

Yes, you can get Dialga on the GTS after Cynthia's grandma shows you a picture of it in Celestic Town. As to whether you can get it naturally, no. You will not see Dialga in the natural flow of the game unless you use a cheat. Peace.

Are the lendary animals in red dead redemption only for live?

Nope, when you get to the higher master hunter ranks you are required to hunt them.

What is the best team to have on platinum BESIDES Garchomp?

the team I roll with is infernape,acrues,dialga,palkia,rayaquza and giratina orgin form. Other ideas are the three lendary dogs that I have. And gallade

What are all the lendary Pokemon called in Pokemon black and white?

Legendary Pokemon in Black and White include: Victini (fire and physic), Reshiram (fire & dragon), Zekrom (electric & dragon), Kyurem (ice & dragon), Landorus (grond & flying), Tornadus (flying), Thundurus (electric & flying), Virizion (fighting & grass), Terrakion (fighting & rock), Cobalion (steel & fighting) Not exactly legendary, but sort of are/ ancients: Zoroark & Zorua (dark), Volcarona & Larvesta (fire & bug), Carracosta & Tirtouga (water & rock), Archeops & Archen (flying & rock) Pretty sure they are: Genesect (bug & steel), Keldeo (fighting & water), Meloetta: Aria forme= normal & physic, Pirouette forme= normal & fighting.

What is all the masks in lendary of Zelda majora's mask?

1. Deku Mask 2. Bremen Mask 3. Great Fairy Mask 4. Bunny Hood 5. Mask of Scents 6. Goron Mask 7. Romani's Mask 8. Kamaro's Mask 9. Blast Mask 10. Kafei's Mask 11. Captain's Hat12. Mask of Truth 13. All Night Mask 14. Stone Maske 15. Keaton Mask 16. Don Gero's Mask 17. Zora Mask 18. Garo's Mask 19. Postman's Hat20. Circus Leader's Mask 21. Couple's Mask 22. Gibo Mask 23. Giant's Mask 24. Fierce Diety Mask