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How do you find out if a deceased person has a will?

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How can you find if a deceased person owned stock in a company?

How to find if deceased person owns stock in walmart

How do you find a copy of a Will when the person is deceased and both attorneys are deceased and it was not filed with the county?

You don't.

Can a person drive deceased person legally?

can a person drive a vehicle of a deceased person that is deliquent in payments

Can you file a deceased person on your taxes?

No. A deceased person is not a taxable person. and as such it cannot be filed as taxable person or entity.

How do you find the will of your deceased parents?

Where do I look to find the will of a deceased parent?

How do you find out if someone had life insurance policy out on someone?

Basically you probably can't. However if the person is deceased then the matter would be part of the deceased estate and the executor of the Will and or the lawyer should be able to find out.

How can you find information on a persons living trust?

If the person is deceased, you can contact the trustee if you know who the trustee is.

How do I find my deceased fathers lost stocks?

find my deceased fathers assets

How can you find out if a deceased person had a bank account?

try the state comproller office web site for that state

How do you spell deceased?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "deceased" (dead, meaning a person).

What can teeth tell you about the deceased?

they can tell you how old the deceased person was and what work there dentist did

How do you find your deceased mother's national insurance number?

How do I find my deceased mothers financial information

How can a person find out if there are stocks still in their name?

My parents are deceased and have a stock cert since 1986. Is it still valid?

Why should you use 'was' in a question about someone who lived before but who is now deceased rather than using 'is' in the question?

The verb 'is' denotes present tense. A deceased person, the deceased wife of the person, and the deceased children of that person are not living in the present tense. Therefore, 'was' is the appropriate verb.

Are wills registered if person is not deceased?

NO, a will is kept in the custody of the person or the appointed executor. Once the person is deceased the executor would file it and start the probate process.

What do you call a person when they have passed away?

The person is said to be deceased.

Can I find obituaries online ?

You may find a person's obituary on the website of a newspaper. You may also find the obituary at the website of the funeral home handling the funeral of the deceased person.

How do you sue the estate of a deceased person?

You have the duly appointed estate representative served with the lawsuit. You can find that information at the probate court.

How do you sue an estate of a deceased person with no will?

You have the duly appointed estate representative served with the lawsuit. You can find that information at the probate court.

How long do you keep tax records for a deceased person?

How long a person keeps tax records for a deceased person will vary depending on the circumstances. Use your best judgment. It is recommended that a live person keeps their records for 5 to 7 years.

How do you find out if deceased parent left will inheritance?

You can find out if a deceased parent left a will or left you an inheritance by speaking with the surviving spouse or family. You can also check with the deceased parent's lawyer.

Who files tax return for a deceased person?

The executor of the estate files the tax return for the deceased.

How do you find a deceased person?

well for starters go to a cemetary....then if you cant find the person there try the local morgue...or....then if all else fails go to your local just look for a cloud of flies

Who inherits the property when there is no will?

The heirs of the deceased person.

Is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy responsible for funeral expenses of the deceased?

No. All monies of a deceased is gathered in to their estate, then all debts of the deceased are paid, then legacies are paid out. Policies payable to a person are payable to that person.