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You ask the police officer, or they would've turned in their badge,you would see them without a badge.

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Q: How do you find out if a police officer is retired?
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Are there any job opportunities for retired police officers in Miami?

You can be a volunteer police officer since you are retired and have skills of a police officer. If you would like, you can talk to the MDPD (Miami-Dade Police Dept.) for more information. Good luck.

Can a retired police officer carry a concealed gun in the state of Wisconsin?


What was Marty Crane's profession before he retired on Frasier?

Police Officer

Can a retired police officer carry a firearm under the federal laws?


How does a retired police officer transport his gun on a flight?

Unloaded, in his checked luggage.

Can retired police officer carry pistols under the patriot act?


Do police dogs belong to the officer?

No, they belong to the department. The handlers usually do purchase the dogs from the police department when they are retired though.

What does it mean to be considered ex police?

To be considered an ex-police officer means that at one time the person worked as a police officer. The person would be considered an ex-police after they were either laid off, quit, or retired.

Can a retired police officer in Wisconsin carry a concealed gun?

yes as long as he still has his gun licens

Can a retired police officer carry handgun in Tennessee?

In general, yes, under federal law HR218, a retired officer can carry a gun in any U.S. state.ADDED: HR 218 requires that the retired officer re-qualify with his sidearm once per year to the standards of the agency fom which he he retired or that of his local law enforcement agency.

Is Jack Reed a real police officer in Chicago?

Lt. Jack Reed is a retired Cook County Sheriff.

Can a retired police officer get a job with the Chicago Police?

Yes, a retired police office can come out of retirement and go back to work in the same field. Some police stations do have certain policies so one would need to check with the Captain of the office to seek further details.

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