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you need to call 1-800-898-7180 and have alien reg #.

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โˆ™ 2009-04-06 22:35:01
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Q: How do you find out if someone is getting deported?
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How do you find out if someone has been deported from Canada?

how do I find out if some is deported from canada

How do you divorce someone who has been deported?

i got married to someone who was a imagrant and he got deported how can i get a divorce ?

How can you find out if someone was deported to Jamaica?

hellolooking for a firend that comes from jamaice and trying to find a way or a company that will be able to help me, find him,

If you married someone that was deported and then got married without divorcing the deported person is it legal?


If you are getting deported can you do anything to stop it?

You can marry someone who has a citizenship or fight the case in court, provided the court hasn't sentenced it yet.

If your boyfriend owes child support and may get deported can you marry him so he can stay in the US?

Yes, marriage will most likely stop your boyfriend from getting deported. This is why most illegal aliens find American's to marry.

Can someone be deported for violent felonies?

Yes, it is possible to loose your US Visa status and be deported for a felony conviction.

After been deported for can someone apply for a waiver to reenter the u.s.?

Can a person be legalize after being deported after a traffic violation

Why is Justin bieber getting deported?

Becaquse he is a retard

Find Yellow pages tijuana Mexico?

i need to put a notice in a news paper in t.j im trying to find someone that was deported. to tijuana but i dont know tha exact date can someone help me.

Can someone under asylum status be deported?


How can you have someone deported who illegally reentered the US after already being deported once?

mind your own business and move on.

How to deport your partner?

If your partner is in the United States illegally, then they can be deported. To start the process of having someone deported, you must contact immigration.

If deported can you get married?

If you are deported, there are no prohibitions to you getting married. You might also be able to prevent deportation if your spouse has legal status in the United States.

Why did the Jews of Sighet think they were being deported?

The Russian battlefront was getting close to Sighet so they believe they were being deported for their own safety.

Can someone get deported while owing child support?


What happens when someone is deported to Albania from Canada?

Absolutely nothing.

If someone gets deported from the US can they move to Puerto Rico?

No, they can not.

Can someone who just got out of prison and got deported have a gun?


If someone was deported and served their deportation time but their US green card hasn't expired can they just come back?

No. If you come back after being deported, but the green card isn't expired yet, you will, again, be deported (which will not look good on your part being deported twice).

What countries can polish passport holder enter visa free?

I have a family member that is in the processes of being deported . What are her chances to get married befor getting deported?

How did Hitler attempt his goal of getting Jews out of Germany?

they were deported to Poland.

Can you get deported for fighting in public but is in the process of becoming legal?

If you get a criminal conviction while in the process of being naturalized you will probably get deported. Fighting is not the problem. Getting arrested for it is.

What happens to the children if the mother is deceased and the father is in jail and is getting deported?

Same as if he was not in jail or being deported. If they are not together, the children go to her family or foster care.

What will happen to someone who is deported and then re enters the US illegally?

they get redeported

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