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Call the place that put you on the list. you could go to

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Q: How do you find out if you are still on the waiting list for an apartment?
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How do you write a letter requesting a transfer for a new apartment to your landlord?

Follow the landlord's proper procedures for requesting such transfer. There may be a waiting list for that apartment.

Which is the website to find a waiting list of aprentice lineman in UGVCL?

my number is 2647 waiting list number

Is there a waiting list when applying for an apartment at Klamath Falls apartments?

They don't say anything about a waiting list. JUst that it has great floor plans and that you can save alot of money by renting their apartments. You also can choose your decor.

How do you find out where you are on the west Hartford ct section 8 waiting list?

I would like to know what my number is on the section 8 waiting list?

What is a section 8 waiting list?

A Section 8 Waiting List is a list of people who have made a preliminary application to be placed on such list from a public housing authority. Each PHA maintains its own waiting list and periodically peruses that list every year or two, to see if the applicants on such list are still interested.

Where can I list my apartment for rent for free?

You can list your apartment for free on

Where can I find Apartment Listings for Burlington, NC? has a fairly comprehensive list of apartment listings for most major cities.

How can you check suisun section 8 waiting list. what number im i?

i need to find out what number i am on the suisun,calif. waiting list for section 8

How can you find out where i am on the section 8 waiting list?

call them and ask them what number i m in

How can you find out What is your status on the Houston housing authority waiting list online?

Call the housing authority to find this out. They may have an online waiting list that you can check the status of. If there is no online system by which this can be done, then you cannot check online.

Is there still a waiting list for the US coast guard?

Yes Its about a one year wait to enlist.

What are the qualifications for living in section 8 housing at age 62?

The same qualifications that any other applicant for section 8 must meet. However, there are probably many more senior citizen apartment complexes than there are vouchers available. Each apartment complex has its own waiting list, which may be faster than the voucher waiting list of local housing authority.

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