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Go to the courthouse where you filed and ask the Clerk what the status is on your case.

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Q: How do you find out if your divorce has been finalized?
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How can you find out if a divorce in Colorado has been finalized?

Public records. If it has been finalized, it should be there. You can probably do it online, but might have to pay a fee.

Can you stop the divorce after it has been finalized?

No. That's why it's called 'finalized'.

How do you find out online if your divorce has been finalized?

You can find out by going on the county site that your divorce was filed in. You can also call the courthouse directly and ask them

Can a divorce be reversed afer it is finalized?

No, a divorce can't be reversed after it has been finalized. However, if a couple divorces and decides to get back together, they can remarry at any time.

Are you still divorced if you ex is appealing it after it has been finalized?

Once the divorce is finalized , and the judge has signed the decree there is nothing much the husband can do.

Your wife filed for a divorce out side the US divorce was not finalized she got married in the US is this marriage legal?

The marriage is legal until the divorce is finalized.

When did Cheryl cole get divorced?

Cheryl Cole filed for divorce on May 26, 2010. The divorce has not been finalized yet.

What year did Prince Charles divorce Princess Diana?

The divorce was finalized on 28th August 1996. They had been separated since 1992.

Divorce papers were previously filed and never finalized How do you get the divorce finalized?

If it was over 6 months you will have to file the paper work again

I have been separated and trying to get my divorce finalized for almost 2 years. i am now pregnant with my boyfriends child. Can i still continue my divorce?

of course.

How long does it take after a divorce index number has been submitted to make your divorce final?

The amount of time a divorce takes to be finalized would depend on the specific state and their rules and regulations when it comes to divorce.

Why don't bocelli marry his girlfriend veronica berti?

His divorce and annulment from his first marriage have not been finalized.

Can you live with someone new before your divorce is finalized in NJ?

You can live with whoever you want, whenever you want. There's no need to wait around for the divorce to be finalized.

How long after a divorce has been finalized does the ex have to get their property listed in the divorce papers Can they come and get it if it is still here after a year since the uncontested divorce?

Check this article about divorce.. hope this can help you.

Can you marry without being divorce in America?

Only when your divorce is finalized by a court of law.

When did Jeff Dunham divorce?

His divorce was finalized in May 2010. They are both in new relationships.

What happens if you get married before your divorce is finalized?


When was the Gosselins' divorce finalized?

December 18th 2009

Can you get married the same day your divorce is finalized?

Yes, in most states you can get married the same day your divorce is finalized. The paperwork does need to be filed with the court before you can be legally married.

How long do you have to wait to get married after divorce in North Carolina?

Once the divorce is finalized you can get remarried immediatley.

Why is Jeff Dunham getting a divorce?

His divorce was finalized in May 2010. They are both in new relationships.

Can you marry while waiting for divorce being finalized?

No, you cannot remarry until the final decree has been granted and if applicable the waiting period in the state where the divorce was granted has expired.

Are Kurt angel and Karen angel married?

No,Karen filed for a divorce September 2008. On October 26,2008 it was finalized. No,Karen filed for a divorce September 2008. On October 26,2008 it was finalized.

How can stop divorce after you have filed?

Yes. Stopping a divorce is a possibility when both parties decide that they wish to stay married when the judgment has not been finalized. Most states have a waiting period from the time that the divorce is filed to the time that it is finalized by the court. For example, in California there is a 6 month waiting period. What you need to do is to see what stage your divorce proceedings are in and then you will need to file some type of revocation form or withdraw your divorce petition.

If you filed for divorce can you get married now?

You cannot remarry until the divorce is final. Filing does not mean the divorce is finalized, you have to get the court order.