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How do you find out the age of your Springfield firearm?


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First you have to determine what kind of "Springfield" you have. It could be a US military arm from the Springfield Armory dating to sometime before the Civil War or a new sporting arm from Springfield, Inc., but most likely it is a shotgun made by J. Stevens Arms or the Stevens Division of Savage Arms.


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The Springfield 187j was made by Savage and is the same as the 87. They were produced before manufacturers were required to put a sn on every firearm made.

Contact springfield arms and ask them. They should be able to look it up and tell you.

Find a book that has sn data on your particular firearm.

you can find out the age of the firearm by including the serial number in a question here.

firearm manufacturing dates are bascially contained in the serial number, and sometimes the model. so, the serial number and model are important to learn the age of a weapon.

The Springfield 67 was made by Savage Arms from the late 1960's through the 1980's. If your gun has no serial number it was made prior to 1968. We have parts for this firearm, and can do any type of repair if needed. According to Gun Trader's Guide, the Springfield name was discontinued in 1948.

If you are talking about a major maker of firearms?Then there are 2 ways to find the age of your firearm.First you may go to the manufacturer of your firearm and look at their customer service site and they may help you age your firearm,or second you may get the age of your firearm here by including the make,and serial number of your gun,any special features if applicable.We should be able to help you.

You might try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.If they have parts,then they may have a schematic for the firearm in question.

Be of legal age and not be legally disqualified from purchasing a firearm.

Get a book on the manufacturer and hope that sn data has been published.

Your springfield M-1 Garand was made by springfield in 1944.

One can find listings of hotels in Springfield online by looking up hotels near Springfield or in Springfield. Also, one can find hotel listings in the city's pamphlet.

You will have to call Browning to find out. Need serial number to date most any firearm. Check Browning's website under customer service, then date your firearm. Value is determined by condition of firearm, and area of the sale. will have similar models in similar condition to which you can compare your firearm.

Dusty Springfield died on March 2, 1999 at the age of 59.

It would depend on what typr of firearm you wish to purchase. It would depend on what typr of firearm you wish to purchase.

The best way is to contact Springfield Arms, and speak with a rep, give them the serial # and model# and they will be able to look up a production date for you.

Dusty Springfield died on March 2, 1999 at the age of 59.

Contact the maker, read all the books you can find, provide a detailed description of the firearm.

What is the age of a Savage Super-Sporter 30-06 Springfield with a serial # 23414?

is that the serial number of a model A ford ??? or firearm?? If a firearm, which firearms, who made it and what model............?????

No published sn data. You will have to call Springfield Armory

Tom Springfield, brother of Dusty Springfield.

Compare the SN to lists published by the diffrent makers. There is no one "key" to decoding a serial number.

The first step is to identify what the firearm is, as in who made it and what the model is. Many books have been written on the subject.

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