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Get the opinion of several well respected jewelers and antique dealers.

Determining the value of vintage designer jewelry is a specialized appraisal field that requires a great deal of vintage jewelry knowledge and experience. Most vintage jewelry experts are those who sell jewelry online from their own websites, however very few have time to help novices with questions, give research & designer history information, and give appropriate book values for vintage jewelry. Very few people are willing to do this. They do not have the time and the time invested in such is not profitable.

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Q: How do you find out the value of a large collection of vintage jewelry?
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What is the value of wooden jewelry boxes from the 1950s?

The value of vintage wooden jewelry boxes from the 1950s varies upon its condition and collector value. Some vintage boxes have sold for anywhere from $12.00 to $40.00.

What does the German word 'ihrer' mean?

"ihrer" can either be translated as of her or of their, or if it capitalized, the formal form of your, e.g.Der Wert ihrer Schmucksammlung - the value of her jewelry collectionDer Wert Ihrer Schmucksammlung - the value of your jewelry collection

How much does vintage costume jewelry go for theses days?

It depends on the type of vintage jewelry that you're trying to sell since various types of jewelry have varying values which fluctuate depending on market demand. To best asses the price you should get it appraised by an accredited appraiser who can will give you the current value for your jewelry pieces and an accurate idea of the cost you'll be able to sell them for.

How do you find the value of World War 1 postcards?

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Can you value a vintage majex watch?

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How much does gold plated jewelry sell for?

Unfortunately gold plated jewelry does not have any real value for scrap gold buyers. It contains an extremely small amount of gold, too small for scrap buyers to bother with.BUT, your jewelry might have value to costume jewelry buyers. Go to sites such as, Ruby Lane and ebay and search "gold plated jewelry" and find jewelry similar to yours. If your jewelry has been "signed" by the maker, meaning there is some kind of mark inside that indicates who made it, it has more value.The value of gold plated jewelry can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, so it's worth doing a little research on vintage selling websites to find out.On Antiques Roadshow a few years ago, a man had a hat decorated with around two dozen costume brooches and it was appraised at several thousand dollars.

Does swank jewelry have value?

Almost everything has value to someone. If you like the bling, then you may like the swank jewelry. However, most of that type of jewelry has very little monetary value.

How can you know if your jewelry has a value?

Take it to a jewelry store and ask them.

What is the value of a vintage cannonball that is in mint condition?


What is the value of vintage charms?

That depends on what the charms are made of.

Are gold jewelry buyers buying the jewelry or are they looking to melt it down and extract the gold content?

Both. The gold jewelry has intrinsic value depending on the gold content, and they can possibly sell it for more if the price of gold increases. They also melt the gold down to extract the gold content, especially if they have a large quantity of lower-quality gold jewelry they want to get value from.

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How much is a jewelry box with jewelry?

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What is the value of a vintage HopOLong Cassidy signed watch?

The value is about $300 and lower👍

Did vintage Seiko watches go up in value?

Pretty much all vintage watches that are well maintained go up in value by 10-15% every year.

Is jewelry from the jewelry exchange a good value?

The marketing hypes the value up more than what it is, but yes the price is not bad for what you get. I have found that getting your diamond jewelry from is proven to be the best value you can get because it is free.

What is the value of Penny collection 1909 to present?

The value of any collection depends upon the condition of the coins it contains. I would suggest you take the collection to a coin dealer or two and get an estimated value.

What is the value of Chateau Chicane 1981?

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Why is 10K gold jewelry sometimes more expensive than 14K?

Carat value is not the only value in jewelry; craftsmanship, age, demand on the market, and the gems in the piece all contribute to the final value of any jewelry.

What is the difference between actual jewelry value and appraisal?

The actual value of a piece of jewelry is the current price the market will determine if the jewelry is sold today. An appraisal is an estimated price the jewelry will sell for if the market and demand is ideal.

Do you sell diamond jewelry?

AnswerYes, I have sold some of my diamond jewelry as I no longer used it. But this is done with utmost care as there are chances of not getting optimum value of jewelry. And in case of my diamond jewelry, I made sure that I took them to a reputable and trained jeweler who evaluates the value of my jewelry based on its craftsmanship and market value and provides me the best deal.

What is the value of vintage Patsy Cline albums?

Without knowing the actual condition, format, or content of your collection, the best answer is to check a site like Discogs and compare your editions with those that have already been sold or are already on the market.

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It's value depends on what coins are in the 'collection' and the grades (condition) of them. It needs to be seen. Take it to a coin dealer for a value.