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Contact the company

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Q: How do you find out the value of an old insurance policy?
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How do you collect on old insurance policy?

There are many different kinds of insurance policies. Read the policy and find out what the terms of the policy are.

How does one find out the cash value of an old 500 dollar life insurance policy that was paid up 40 years ago.?

Call the Insurance Company.

How much can a old life insurance pay?

What's the face value of the policy?

How do you determine value of old life insurance policy?

Contact the company and ask.

How do you find out the value of old life insurance policy from Metropolitan Life Insurance company head office in New York?

Policy #484460 M1 what is cash value today. Thank You Wayne Vork 805-440-4593

How do you find out if old policy valid through the national life and accident insurance company?

I have an old insurance policy dating back to 1948 is it still good

How do I find out if an old insurance policy is valid?

Contact the vendor of the insurance policy. There will be an address on the policy, and if the address is no longer valid search for the company name in Google.

Can you cash in a life insurance policy that is paid up?

If you have an old life insurance policy can you cash it in for cash value

How do you find an old insurance company united insurance company of illinois and you have a policy?

There are several companies with similar names. Please provide the exact name from the insurance policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover the current value of claimed items or the cost of replacing them?

That depends on the terms of your specific policy. You should read it to find out. It depends whether the insurance is 'like for like' or 'new for old'. If it's not clear from your policy speak to your insurance company or broker.

How do you find out about an old life insurance policy issued by national teachers associates?

the answer is how old your card is.

Old policy found is there any value?

That depends upon the type of policy it is. Term insurance has no value once the term expires. Whole life insurance has value, and can be cashed in. Read the terms of the policy. Given that the policy in question was found, and therefore was probably forgotten before it was found, I doubt that is has value - but check and see.

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