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If you can send us an email at info [at] and we will give you a rough estimate on its value.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-15 04:33:04
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Q: How do you find out what a painting is worth its a Mexican mosaic art about 50 years old?
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How much is a painting by Henry Cleenewerck of Indian Encampment signed and dated 1889 worth?

I have a 25 by 47 painting from Henry Cleenewerck 1889 was wondering what it is worth I know its over 45 years we had it any idea?

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What's a Monet painting worth?

Two years ago one of his many water lilies paintings was sold for 80 million dollars.

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about 20 years ago

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I have large reproductions of both Pinky and Blue Boy that are over 50 years old. what are they worth?

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What is the approximate value of an original oil painting The Wayward Bus by Edward Swift Shorter?

I have an Edward Shorter entitled "The First Front" for which I was offered $1,500 about ten years ago. I kept the painting and would like to know what it is worth today, but this might give you an idea.

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