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How do you find out what kind of engine does your car has?

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Most vehicles have a sticker in the engine compartment, usually around the radiator support that has a bunch of info. about the engine. Including, liters, plug gap, model, etc.

2015-07-15 21:31:19
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What kind of engine is in a car?

Depends on the car but most have an internal combustion engine.

Where is the best place to find a car engine?

The best place to find a car engine is at a local body shop or garage near you that specializes in the brand of car you are looking to find the engine for

Where can I find the engine codes for my new car?

Yes, it is very important for you to find out the correct engine code for your car. Honda specifically posts these engine codes for cars to help you with your new car.

What oil weight for 4 stroke engine?

What kind of engine? lawnmower, car.

What gas goes into a car engine?

The flammable kind.

What kind of engine does the 93 Pontiac Bonneville sse have?

a supercharged muscle car engine

What kind of engine a Formula 1 car has?

it has a 2.4 litre v8 aspirated engine.

Where would you find an annunciator in a car engine?

You can find it in the tire.

What kind of car was the first car made?

The car was just look like a cart packed with engine inside it.

Is the 2007 pontiac g6 a sports car?

"Yes, it is considered a sports car even though it is a compact car because of the engine. The engine in this car is a v6 but it has 200 horsepower, which is kind of high for a family car."

Where do you see fixed pulleys?

You can find them as your car engine!

How do you find out the age of a car engine?

Go to a mechanic.

What kind of useful energy is this transformed into by a car engine?

Torque and horsepower.

What kind of car oil do you put in the engine?

Whatever the manufacture recommends.

Is O2 sensor part of internal engine?

depends on the kind of car

What kind of energy does a car engine produce?

heat + sound + electricity

What kind of engine is in a 1993 lincole town car?

The 91-97 TC has a standard 4.6L engine.

The kind of engine that drives a car?

Internal combuston engine. Search that on google if yu want sum details on it

How do you find cheat engine?

by taking apart the cheat car

How can you decrease friction in a car engine?

get the best oil you can find

Can the dmv find a stolen car engine?

Not very likely.

Can your car be taken if you find out it has a stolen engine?

It could be, yes.

How do you loosen the belt so you can replace the alternator?

It depends on what kind of car you have and the engine.

How do you replace the power steering belt?

Without knowing what kind of car and what engine, there is no answer.

Which kind of pollution is a cause of air pollution?

Gasoline is burned by a car engine.