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I'm not sure what the pinout is, but you cannot use a laptop processor in a desktop application. Most laptop processors are designed to consume less voltage and produce less heat than there desktop cousins. Only very high-end laptops use desktop processors in them, such as

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Q: How do you find out what pin set a Pentium 4 Laptop processors is and can it be used in a desktop?
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Where you can find info about Pentium processors in Russian lang?

, you can find it in There is a lot information about Intel Pentium processors in Russian language

When is the latest Pentium core processor available for purchase?

As with any electronic product be it software or hardware, one can find the latest Pentium-core processor available at the Christmas season. Pentium-core processors are associated with the Dell company.

What are the advantage of laptop versus desktop computer?

The advantages of a laptop over a desktop is simply a laptop is portable. Example: You can take a laptop to class, on the airplane, to the library, etc. while the desktop has to stay home on your desk. While some laptops are as powerful as a desktop, not all are. So, know what specs you want in a computer and go find a laptop that fits your needs. :)

How do I find the best laptop computer processors?

First, check reviews of laptop computer processors on and to find out what your needs are. Then, look into reviews and ratings on Amazon and determine which processors you think will be a good fit for you. is the best online place to purchase due to selection, price, and buyer protection.

Where can you find your USB 2 ports?

Well it depends on if you have a laptop or a desktop and what kind they are. Here is a picture of what they look like and were they are usually located on a desktop computer and laptop: Laptop: Desktop: Hope this helped :)

How can you use a printer attached to a desktop from a wireless laptop?

yeh you find the usb port on the laptop take it out of your monitor there ya go

In which program do we find the word wrap?

Software such as various word processors, desktop publishers, presentation and spreadsheets can have word wrapping in them.

Where can one buy a Pentium 2 Laptop?

Pentium 2 laptops are now extremely outdated so they will not be found in regular computer or electronics stores. One can find them on eBay or on the Vintage-Computer website.

Where can you find tools setting on laptop?

you right click on the desktop, then you hit settings, then you hit tools and there you go!

Do you need to have wifi for the dell inspiration duo?

If you have a laptop the answer is no. If you have a desktop there is no define answer. But you can find out by running the "Device manager".

Where can someone download free Santa Wallpaper for their laptop?

You can download free wallpapers for your laptop or desktop from web sites such as: Wallpapers, Wallpapers wide, Wallbase, e-Desktop wallpapers, Top Wallpapers Desktop, Christmas Wallpapers, Live wallpapers. You may also be able to find them through Google Images.

What is the difference between an Intel Pentium III and an Intel Pentium 4?

The difference is in P4 the new technology "Hyper Threading" has been implemented, the number of pins has been increased and cache memory has been increased. ~ Pentium III is an 80686. Pentium 4 is an 80786. For Pentium 4, you have to find programs that are compiled for the Pentium 4 or else the performance will be low. All Intel processors use the ISA instruction set developed back in the early 80s. First it was an 8-bit instruction set. Then there was the 16-bit. Next came the 32-bit instruction set, and the processors since the 80386 use it. Each processor model designates with the 80x86 notation. Each model increase in features and sometimes performance. Now the x86 computer industry is advancing towards the 64-bit instruction set. 8086 = 8-bit, 80186 = 8-bit, 80286 = 16-bit, 80386 = 32-bit, 80486 = 32-bit, 80586 = 32-bit = Pentium, Pentium MMX, K5, K6, K6-II, K6-III 80686 = 32-bit = Pentium Pro, Pentium II, Pentium III, Athlon, Athlon XP, Opteron*, Athlon FX-51*, Athlon FX-53*, Athlon 64* 80786 = 32-bit = Pentium 4 * = 32-bit/64-bit If you have compiled a program for 686 architectures, only the processors equal to it or above it can execute it. If you have compiled a program with MMX/SSE/3DNOW instructions, processors that have it will be optimized and processors that do not have those instructions will not be optimized. ~ Speed.

Major difference between laptop motherboaed and desktp?

The first major difference between the two is going to be that the socket for the processor is different between a desktop and a laptop. Same also goes for the RAM. Also laptop manufactures will use lower powered chipsets than you would find in a desktop typically.

Where can I find laptops and desktops for sale?

The prices of laptop and desktop computers vary by functionality. The more powerful the computer the more expensive. The cost of a computer depends on what you need it to do. However, regardless of the functionality, BestBuy has the best deals for either laptop or desktop computers.

How to Find Information About the Best Laptop Computer Buy?

You might find that locating the best laptop computer buy is a difficult decision, but it is also one that you should not be completely pessimistic about. Buying a new laptop should be an exciting thing. Chances are, it will be much faster than your old laptop or desktop computer was.

Where on your computer do you plug in iPods computer is not a laptopt?

You can plug your ipod into the USB port. You can find the USB port sometimes on the front of your desktop but there is always a USB port in the back of your desktop. Same goes for a laptop but the USB port is found on the right or the left side of the laptop.

Which is better Desktop or laptop?

A desktop computer can be upgraded, (most of the time) where as a Laptop can't (Majority of the time). For this reason the hardware in the computer or Desktop can be improved. When buying a laptop you will find the spec for a laptop is about half over a desktop of the same price (most places). So you should consider where your buying from. I can Just Fully say don't go to PC world, my recommendation is Toys R us. Go PC world to see the spec/price, then pop over Toys R us or a cheaper place for double the spec for the same price. (Double/Half is only an estimate, try writing them down between shops) Between Desktop and Laptop it depends on the use, foremost the idea of spec and cost i'd opt for a desktop.

Can a laptop motherboard be put in a regular desktop?

In theory it can be used but it will be expensive for you since you need to find the right case. Not every case can hold a laptop motherboard for you because of the form factor.

Can a desktop processor be replaced?

yes desktop processors can be replaced things you must consider is make amd or intel the model of the motherboard is it 32 or 64 bit is it an am2 or am3 socket you can find all this info on your motherboards makers website

Where can I find screensavers free?

You can find screensavers for free if you go online and search up under screensavers. Most of the screensavers are free with your desktop or laptop computer.

Where can one find new wallpapers for their laptop?

Wallpapers for a laptop can be downloaded online. Some popular websites include: Superb Wallpapers, Desktop Nexus, HD Wallpapers, Walltor, Wallpapers Wide.

How do you create an icon on a laptop computer?

If you right click on your desktop and go down to new and click on shortcut then go to browse and find what you what for an icon in your screen, you click okay then next then finish you have the icon on your desktop.

Which brand of laptop is best between dell hp or Lenovo?

Lenovo is the best brand of laptop followed by HP and then Dell.

Where can someone find a place that repairs Dell computers?

Laptop repairs can be complicated and expensive, more so than for desktop computers. A bit of research can help you find the best Dell laptop repair services for the best price in golaptopparts.

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Not all of them can, it depends on what kind of graphics card you have in your laptop. I would suggest going to this link: It helped me find the best graphics card for my laptop.