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Go to Then click new questions. All the unanswered questions will show with how long ago they were posted.

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Q: How do you find out when a Q was asked on WikiAnswers if it is not yet answered?
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If your supposed to find all the answers here then why does it never have any of my questions?

Your question hasn't been asked by anyone else yet. Please submit the question to WikiAnswers and then your question might get answered. WikiAnswers' database doesn't have all of the questions in the world yet, so it would be nice if you asked the question so others can answer it for you.

Why can t you find the answer to a question asked?

Because it may not have been answered yet.

Why is this website so annoying?

because you look for stuff you want to find out and its not asked or answered yet!

Why was some of the questions asked not answered?

They aren't answered because people had not answered them yet!

Why does WikiAnswers not have some answers?

Because those questions have yet to be answered.

Why is it not giving you what you asked for?

Because No-One Has Answered Yet

Why does WikiAnswers have no answers for anything?

That is not true. WikiAnswers has answers for a bunch of stuff. Maybe the stuff you searched no one has answered yet.

What questions on WikiAnswers have not yet been answered?

To browse Unanswered questions by category, click here:NEWQ

How can i answer the qusetions on WikiAnswers?

There will be a phrase that says this question has not been answered yet then click on answer this question that will be under that phrase

How do you post things on WikiAnswers like lyrics or something like that?

Go to a question not answered yet and click answer.

Why doesn't ever have the answer to a question?

WikiAnswers does have the answers to questions that members have answered. If members have not answered a question, you will not find the answer. Sometimes, it is because it hasn't been read yet. Sometimes, it is because it is placed in the wrong category. Sometimes, it is because it is not featured.

What were two examples of how Enlightenment ideas were reflected in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the US?

i very much dislike how wikianswers give questions that haven't been answered yet. its so annoying. i very much dislike how wikianswers give questions that haven't been answered yet. its so annoying.

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