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Trust me, they will find you. "They" being whatever collection agency takes on the account. It may take a little time, but you will be notified, either by telephone, mail or both.

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Can a credit card company reopen a charged off account?

No, a credit card company will not reopen a charged off account. They may choose to grant you a new line of credit, but this would be rare.

How do you get an account charged off?

It is up to the discretion of the credit card company. Most companies will charge off a card after 120 days of non payment. You can stop the charge off process by calling customer support and speaking with a CSR. Once a card is charged off you usually can call customer support and get it turned back on for a nominal fee and possibly payments. This varies by card and you will have to call them to find out.

Can a credit card company still continue to charge interest if the debt has been charged off?

Yes, a "charge off" does not indicate that the debt is no longer valid. The creditor has several options on how to collect monies owed after the account has been charged off.

Can you repossess a vehicle if it's been charged off on your credit?

Just because the company charged off the account, does not mean that they don't want to be paid...so if the car is still assessible...they can repo it. Charged off on your credit means that it is no longer an active paying account..the company took a loss for that amount. A different department, "Profit & Loss" will take over trying to collect any way possible. Sorry.

Can a company who bought a charged off account try to collect interest on the account?

Yes, interest and fees are still charged when an account is sent to collections or purchased by a third pary collector.

Why Battery will not stay charged alternator and battery are good?

something is causing a drain on the battery when switch is turned off

Can you still talk to the credit card company directly for paying off an unpaid debt or do you have to talk to the debt collection company?

Once the debt. has been charged off and sold to a outside collection source you must talk to them.

Can you ever go back to the original creditor if the debt has been charged off?

You can go back to the original creditor, but they may not offer you a line of credit. Usually they will not extend any more credit after it is charged off, but this is an individual company or individual decision.

What is the meaning of defraud?

To steal from someone or a company. To rip off something. To misrepresent oenself.

What does chargeoff mean?

Chargeoff means that you did not satisfy debt, and the company took the lost.This is placed on your credit as debit being owed and charged-off.

Will a finance company settle a charged off auto loan since they didn't repo it?

A finance company could settle the auto loan. You simply need to get in touch with the company and make an offer. Be sure to get any agreement in writing.

Why does your credit report have chargeoffs when you have paid all the creditors off?

in most cases your original crediter, say sears, charged off your account and then turned it over to a collection company. the collection co bugged you and you paid the amount owed. in this way you did pay in full but prior to paying in full Sears charged it off as a bad debt. the collection company got 50 60% of the total amount you paid.

Who owns the car after it s been charged off?

I assume your question refers to a car that was financed and was involved in an accident an it was a total lost. The insurance company pays the bank, the car belongs to the insurance company.

How do you get Taylor Lautner off your head?

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Can a finance company charge off an auto loan collect past due balance and still repo it?

If they have collected the entire amount owing (all principal and interest on the original loan) they have no legal right to repo the auto. If they have only collected the past due amount and there's still a sum due, then they can repo the auto. It doesn't matter one bit if they've charged it off. That's just for their tax purposes. REPOMAN IN TEXAS: YES, THEY CAN WRITE IT OFF (CHARGE-OFF) AFTER A CERTAIN TIME WHEN THE PREVIOUS REPO COMPANY CAN'T FIND IT. LATER THEY HIRE A BETTER RECOVERY COMPANY TO FIND IT AND RECOVER IT.

Should correspondence or phone calls be used trying to work with a card company who has charged off your account to ask them to accept payments on the charged off account?

The usual procedure is to contact the creditor by phone, and follow up the phone contact with written correspondence outlining the terms that were agreed upon. You can find a sample letter of that type of creditor/debtor correspondence at http://www.fair-debt-collection-com

How do us translate charged off in spanish?

How do you translate "IN OFF"

Can finance co still repo your car after a charge-off and still do not have possession of the vehicle?

WHEN A FINANCE COMPANY CHARGES OFF THE ACCOUNT, YOUR VEHICLE IS STILL OUT FOR REPO, THEY JUST TOOK THE FIRST STEP IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING A COURT ORDER TO GET THEIR PROPERTY BACK AND BY THE WAY.... YOU PAY ALL THE LAWYER FEES AND COURT COSTS.... LIKE IT OR NOT. IF YOUR OUT FOR REPO GIVE IT UP, IT'LL BE CHEAPER FOR YOU. NEXT QUESTIONS BANKRUPTCY? AFTER A JUDGEMENT IT DOES YOU NO GOOD ANSWER They can try, a "charged off" account is just written off the books and an uncollectable debt, it does not mean you own the car, it just mean that the finance company or bank no longer considers it an asset. If there is not a body attachment, which are rarely given, and you need the car, try and work something out with the finance company. You can put a charged off debt or judgment in a bankruptcy.

Are reserves also charged off from the financial statements?

write downs are charged off from the balance sheet, but i am not sure about the treatment of reserves.

Can be charged with a felony if i don't pay off my payday loans?

No, but your credit will be ruined and the loan company can garnish wages, take tax refunds, and get into your bank account.

When a debt is charged off will it effect bankruptcy?

"Charged Off" is an accounting term applicable to the accounting for (that is the charging the loss that is being taken against income - reducing income) by the one who gave the credit. As it is entirely something by the creditor, it doesn't effect the debtor (you) or the bankruptcy (or what you actually owe) in anyway.

Bank account debt collection?

I have a charged off account at the bank of 146.00 how do I pay that off when I'm unemployed I have a charged off account at the bank of 146.00 how do I pay that off when I'm unemployed

If a vehicle was charged off as bad debt is there a lien holder?

Yes...the lender did not forgive the debt. Charged off is only an accounting term for something the lender has to record on his books...basically to show the loss and non-performance of the loan. It does not change the borrowers obligation, or the lenders rights, in any way.

After a debt has been charged off can a third party start collection on the debt 2 years after the debt was charged off?

Yes, because all that charged off debt is just charged off by the original lender, not for the entire world. They will sell it for some amount of money to collections agencies in orde to get something and write off the balance of the debt on their taxes as a loss which you have to in turn enter charged off debt as income unless you pay it back. The collection agency starts the process all over and the seven years starts all over too, to infinity and beyond...It never goes away unless it is legally disccharged off through cp 13 or 7 bankruptcy unless is a student loan, federal IRS debt, child support, judgment, etc...

When an original creditor sells a charged off account to another company does this start the 7 year clock ticking all over again?

No. When an original creditor sells a charged off accounts to another company. I asked the Credit bureau to investgate. However, the creditor is unable to remove it from my credit report. does this start the 7 year clock ticking all over again from the date the credit bureau investigate?

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