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Search on "repo laws + [your state]"

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Q: How do you find repo laws in your state?
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Where do you find state laws regarding auto repossession?

Repo Laws can be found at a site called or you can also check your local laws.

Where can you find the repo laws for NYC?

Repossession laws are enacted by states and are applicable to all the municipalities within that state. Please see link.

Where do you find out about repo laws and licenses to get started in the state of Ohio?

The Ohio Revised Code can be located at t the website for the Ohio State Government -

Where can you find laws and licensing information regarding Auto Repo for the state of Utah?

I have a number of good links on my site for Utah repossession laws:

Repossesion laws in Arizona?

30days by state law, answer from a repo man

Am looking for repo laws on mobile homes?

You have to look at the laws of the country you are in, or in US the various state laws on repo. Most states do publish these, but many are different. ( if you had said WHERE you are it would have helped.)

How can you repo a car that's in a locked garage in Ohio?

NO, you cant do that in ANY state. It will get you sued quickly. Ohio Repo Laws

Can the repo man find you if you move out of state?


Can a repo company repo your RV if you are living in it?

Depends on the state laws, they may need to serve you with a eviction notice before repo. Although if nobody is home and the repo man shows up good chance they would repo it and expect nobody lives in it.

Who can help you find work as a repo man in your state?

== == Contact a local company in that state.

Can a repo company come on private property without permission move another car that is parked behind said car to be repoed and in process cause damages to your home and said car to be repoed?

Repo laws are different for each state. Check for laws in your state or advise what state you are in.

Can you go to jail if you don't give the repo man your car?

It depends entirely on the laws in your state!! Some states allow repo men almost unlimited power while in other states there are very strict guidelines as to the power they have and how they use it. Check your local laws regarding what repo men in YOUR state are allowed to do. Good Luck

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