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The Ohio Revised Code can be located at t the website for the Ohio State Government -

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Q: Where do you find out about repo laws and licenses to get started in the state of Ohio?
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A website called Ohio means Jobs helps citizens living in Ohio find the perfect job for them. The website has an advanced search system which helps you find the perfect job that fits your standards.

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Do you have to get married in the same town where you got your marriage license?

Each State has its own rules regarding marriage licenses. Most marriage licenses are valid anywhere in the state where they were issued. You can contact the town where you got your license to verify where it can be used or most Counties have online information about marriage licenses. Using the free website below in Related Links, you can look up your state and then scroll to your specific county to find either online information or contact information about marriage licenses and where and when they can be used.

Can a convicted felon obtain work as a physical therapists aide?

It may depend on the licensing requirements for this opccupation in your state. You will have to contact the state agency that licenses this occupation to find out.

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Business licenses in California are needed at the state level and also at the County and City level. You can find a direct link to California's State Office to obtain information about obtaining a State business license using the free website link below "California Business Licenses Directory." You can also scroll to your specific County for either a direct link or contact information for "Business Licenses."

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If you have a felony, you can become a doctor. I did not find specifically an Oncologist. It does depend on your state. You would have to research the laws about doctor's licenses.

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol records and analyses data on car crashes in Ohio. From this data they generate statistics which can be viewed on their website.

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How many years between each redistricting?

In Ohio I believe it is 10. You can find your answer specific to your state usually on the Secretary of State website.