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I have not for saven years to wait any one my brother life is so short and too many joy and fun but problem is that we are not intrested to enjoy it. in hindi

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Can you find someone you haven't seen in 2 year?

I found out whom I had not met for seven years, why can't you. Put in your best efforts - you will succeed

After seven years can your chapter thirteen bankruptcy be seen on your credit report by creditors?

Yes. For at least 10 years.

How old do you have to be to get on family feud?

I have seen before that you have to be of 18 years. It makes the most sense. Have you not seen an episode with someone younger?

What is the best way to find someone that you haven't seen or heard from in 40 plus years?

If you remember the name of the person, you can look up the name in a phonebook or, you can look at social media sites and try to find the person.

How do i get over a guy that i haven't seen in years?

find a new one!

How do you contact someone you havent seen for 23 years?

facebook is amazing! and if you already have one but you cant find him/her, try placing a collect call and pay hem back later. :)

How do you divorce someone who was deported seven years ago and you have a child together that he has never seen or supported?

You'll need to talk to a divorce lawyer about that one. Reno had easy, quick divorces in the past, see what it takes there.

Is it creepy to ask someone to hang out online you havent seen in person for 10 years?

yes it is creepy

When was the last time someone saw a yeti?

The last time someone has seen it was somewhere in Middle eastern Asia (India and China) a couple of years ago.

How do you find somebody you haven't seen for 6 years?

I guess try to google it or try to find people that know them and then look them up until you find them.

Where can you find a naruto episode where he kisses someone?

The only time I've seen Naruto kiss someone was when he accidentally kissed Sasuke, which was in episode four, I think.

How would you kiss someone that you haven't seen in a while?

If you haven't seen someone in a while do you know if they are dating or not? You don't just go and kiss someone. TBH kissing someone you haven't seen in a while would be totally weird

How do I find my brothers I haven't seen in 29 years?

type their namein at and their name will come up

How can you find out if you have a judgment against you after eight years?

Check your local clerk of county website. Judgements are public information. Judgements can been seen for 20+years.

Is there someone at your school named seen?


Where is the most common place to find white tigers?

Safari parks or zoos. Haven't been seen in the wild for years.

Where could one find someone to advise on furniture repair?

My children are starting to grow up but the last couple of years have seen them bashing into the furniture on a regular basis. My dining set is quite badly damaged and I am wondering how to research furniture repair?

Would you find it weird if someone gave you a banana with no skin on to hold for 5 minutes if you'd never seen one before?


Where can you find Ted Nugent gonzo meat?

I haven't seen it in years. I do not think they make it anymore which is a shame. It made a great gift.

Where are the invaders on Poptropica?

In space, in which you have to find "Excalibur" and fly into space where you crashland on an alien planet which hasn't seen another of your kind for years!

Is it good to have boyfriends?

yes its someone you can count and tell your secrets to if you find the right guy but having a boyfriend is not seen as 'ordinary' if you are yourself of the male variety.

What does this expression mean you look well have you been ill Someone said this to me I hadn't seen them for more than 27 years?

He remembers you as overwieght now you are skinny

Use the word seen in a sentence?

have you seen the new car? We have never seen him before.

Why do I keep having dreams about this Girl I used to know I know I like her but I haven't seen her in like three years Can someone tell me what thi means?

It means you are missing love and she was the first one who came to youu. Don't worry just find someone to love and build a great relationship! don't worry I've had the same experience .

In tarot decks what is the seven angels card?

You must be using a less well known deck. I have never seen a seven angels card. You might put this question into google and see what comes up. You might find an answer that way.