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How do you find subsequent owners of a property in Chicago?


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The easiest way is first go online to the Cook County assesors page, and type in the property address. This will give you the Pin num. of the property. Then go to city hall, and on the county side in the basement, are all the tract books that have the property owners since the land was aquired. Bring a pen and paper, they won't let you copy them. Some of the records have been transfered to microfiche, but its the same process.

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You can look up the property online at the county tax appraiser's site to find the current owners and other info on the property you can take a look at it on google earth to see what it looks like now hope this helps!

check the registry of deeds for the county in which the property is located. You'll need to know the owners name (Grantee) to search - or if you know the prior owners name(Grantor), you can find it that way as well. If you are lucky, the county has the records available on line. Good luck

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