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PO2 can be estimate of dissolve O2,PO2 keep the oxygen on hemoglobin so if there is increase affinity of oxygen then required PO2 willbe low.each HB carry 20vol% O2 per 100ml of blood in a 100% saturation.if the dissolve oxygen become less then PO2 also become less in order to deliver more dissolve form to tissues.actua;;u ddissolve O2 at 100mmhg of PO2 is 0.3vol%/100ml of blood

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To find the dissolved oxygen content in blood, you can use the oxygen content equation: Dissolved O2 = (0.0031 x PO2) + (1.36 x Hb). First, convert the plasma PO2 to mmHg if needed and ensure all values are in the correct units. Then, plug the values into the equation to calculate the dissolved oxygen content.

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Q: How do you find the dissolved O2 content give plasma PO2 and Hb content?
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