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Diagram and details can be found here (stamped on barrel)

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Q: How do you find the exact year of a Remington Woodsmaster 742A?
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What is the value of 743 woodsmaster remington?

The value of this will depend on the market. You can take it in to your local pawn store to find out the current value.

I have a Remington 244 Woodsmaster Model 740 cant find any shells for it . I asked some people and the said it is know a 6mm is that true?

Yes, I also have a Remington 244. I haven't it shot it in years but it used to work great with Winchester 6mm cartridges. Seemed to jam more with Remington for some odd reason.

What is the year and value of a Remington Woods-master 742- id 32596?

100-440 USDHere this listing of serial #'s fir the Remington Woodsmaster 742Serial Number Blocks:1951-1967 1,000-541,0001968-1975 6,900,000-7,499,9991975-1978 A6,900,000-A7,499,9991978-1981 B6,900,000-B7,499,999Just Find where you number falls in line with.Hope this helpsRead more: What_is_the_year_and_value_of_a_Remington_Woodsmaster_742_rifle_ID

Where can you buy a replacement barrel for an Remington model spr 453?

Find an authorized Remington Repair center. You can find a list on Remington's web site.

How much is a Remington 1194 worth?

I can find no reference to a Model 1194 Remington.

How old ismy Remington rifle serialnumber 6782212?

You will have to contact Remington to find out.

Where can i find a schematic for model 870 Remington?

Contact Remington or try

Where can you find an owners manuel for a Remington 7400?

You can request one from Remington for free at their web site.

How can you find more information about Remington Steel?

Someone could find out more information about Remington Steele by looking on Wikipedia, as well as reviews on amazon and IMDb. Remington Steele was a show on NBC.

Where can you find production dates for Winchester and Remington rifles and shotguns? Remington's are date code stamped from 1921 details on Remington Society of America.

Where can you find brakedown for Remington model 550-1?

Go to Remington's web site and request a manual.

Where can you find chokes for a Remington over under 20ga model spr-310 shotgun?

Contact Remington.

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