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savage has this info on the savage gun collectors site, Google it.

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Q: How do you find the manufactuer date on a Savage 250 3000 Model 99 rifle?
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What is the manufactuer date of a 250 3000 model 99 Savage rifle serial 610408?

around the 1960 era, google the savage collectors site.

What is the age of a 250 Savage 3000 rifle serial 217391?

Your savage model 99 rifle in 250/3000 savage caliber was made by savage arms company in 1919.

How old is a savage 250 3000 rifle model 256 905?

Contact Savage thru their website. If you have a Savage model 99 rifle,then it was made in the year 1924.

What is the age of a 250 savage 3000 rifle serial 704977?

There is no way of knowing,unless you provide the model of rifle you have that is chambered in 250-3000 Savage caliber.

What is the model of a Savage 250-3000 with serial number 237211?

If your rifle is a lever action?Then it is a model 99 savage and with the serial number you provided it was made by savage arms company in 1921.

What is the value of a Savage Arms 250-3000 Model 1893 rifle?


What is the bore diametar of a 250 Savage 3000 rifle?

The bore diameter of a 250-3000 savage is .257

How old is 250 3000 serial no 209426?

With the serial number that you provided,your Savage model 99 was produced in the year 1919.If your rifle is not a Savage model 99,then please give the maker and model number.

What is the age of a 250 savage 3000 serial 9319?

I would need to know the type and model of your savage rifle,which is chambered in 250-3000savage along with the serial number to give you some idea of its production date.

How much 250-3000 savage model 1895 worth?

what is my 250 / 3000 Savage , ser# 176892 mod. 1895 great condition.

Can you shoot 250 Savage ammo in a 250 3000 rifle?

No. The savage has its own chamber design. Use only what is stamped on the barrel.

What year was savage model 99 250-3000 sn 337166 made?

The year that the Savage model 99 250-300 with a SN of 337166 was made was 1941.