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Use a search engine form to the right and type in lyrics inside quotation marks. Use as many words from the song as you can remember and make sure they are exact. If you get nothing try a few less words. Keep trying till you find your song!

AnswerYou can also go to any kind of search engine and type in the lyrics. You don't have to make them too specific. I do this a lot and it works. You can just type in the lyrics you know and you get various lyric and song sites for you to choose from.

You Can try typing the words you know into the question bar EG What song has the lyrics ' theres a thief in the night wholl come and grab you'?.....( Rihanna Diturbia)

aljpugh says; you do not need to put the lyrics inside quote marks. e.g. then we looked at each other and i could see the stars twinkle in her eyes i told her about the couple i seen earlier she said im sure they were cute but they're no you and i lyrics found me Gym Class Heroes - Live Forever [Fly With Me]. notice i didn't use quote marks. (:


There is also a website called Let's Sing It (just Google it its the first one to come up) and you can search lyrics thorugh their search engine


If you have an iPhone or itouch you can use a mic to record the lyrics that you know into an app called Shazam. It will re ognize the lyrics and give you the song name and artist. BTW Shazam is free.

You can type in the lyrics that you know on YouTube and it comes up with heaps of answers.

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Q: How do you find the name of a song and who sings it if you only know a few lyrics?
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Who sings no one wants to be on their own everyone wants to know that someone cares there's gotta be someone for me out there?

Nickelback, and I hope you know that's not the name of the song, just the lyrics. I don't know the name of it, but search the lyrics and you might find it

Who sings the song that has the lyrics Tell you who she is you need to know her name and number?


How do you find a song that you do not know the lyrics name or artist to?

type in some of the lyrics that you do know and you will find something

How do you find the name of a song when you don't know the lyrics or who sings it?

U leson for the song in the car and ask someone like mom or dad and then ask rather one of them

What are the lyrics to What is your Name by Rihanna?

i know all the lyrics for the song whats my name but it is to long to type in so i recommend going to music city lyrics or go on you tube and find the lyrics.

Who sings the song and what is the song title to this chorus When you call my name and you need me there girl you know that I will be waiting for you?

D-Cru - I Will Be Waiting Lyrics

Who sings the lyrics These girls fall like dominoes?

The Big Pink sings the song, its name is "Dominoes"

What is the name of the song that sings about the song itself and has the lyrics these lyrics are so catchy?

It is called "An Awsome Song" by Danny, Paul, and Mitchell. I have heard it before and know exactly the song you are talking about!

How do you find the artist if you only know lyrics?

Go to Yahoo and type in the lyrics. The name of the song and the artist should come up.

How can you find the name of a song when you do not know the title or artist?

If you want to find a song but you don't know the title or artist, but you know at least part of the lyrics you can either go to Leo's lyrics database, of just type the lyrics into Google or Yahoo. In Leo's lyrics there is a section where you can type in a small portion of the lyrics and do a search for it. Hopes this helps. Sorry if it doesn't. :)

Who sings the song with the lyrics from my heart to yours doodoodoodoo-do?

Her name is Laura Izibor.

Who sings you are?

Lionel Ritchie had a good song (his best I thought) called You Are in 1983. Hopefully this is the one you are looking for. If not, you can type the name of the song, or a few lyrics that you remember, along with the word lyrics and probably find it.

How do i find out the name of a song that i don't know the name of?

It's easy, just write a part of the lyrics (works better if it's from the chorus) in Google and after it you write "Lyrics". If you can't find it, try using another part of the lyrics until you do. leos

Find a music video online if you do not know the name of it?

try searching the song lyrics on YouTube

Who sings a song with the name James in the lyrics?

Cher sang Jessie James, was that what you were looking for?

Who wrote praise his name lyrics?

Bruce Haynes, now sings with Presley's in Branson

What is the name of the female artist who sings the song with the lyrics you want to be stronger?

Kelly Clarkson

Who sings a song with these lyrics I'm your vehicle baby?

The Ides Of March is the name of the "band" and the song name is Vehicle.

Who sings the song with the lyrics I just want to thank you?

The name of the song is Thankyou by Dido. You can look the lyrics up on google

How do you find lyrics to a song when you only know a few words?

Go to youtube.comOn the search tab put the song and after the song name put lyrics.DONE!!

What can you search for at the Lyric Finder website?

The Lyrics Finder websites provides you with the means to search for lyrics of a song you do not know the name of. Alternatively, you can search the lyrics of songs you do know the name of.

What is the name of the song with these lyrics kidnap my heart?

It Is called "Kidnap My Heart" ClickFive sings it. ilove it

Where can i find the lyrics to baby?

One can find the lyrics to the song "Baby" from the following lyrics websites: AZ Lyrics, Metro Lyrics, Sing 365, Lyrics 007, Lyrics Freak, Lyrics Mania, Song Lyrics, to name a few.

Where can someone find a song by its lyrics?

Lyrster and Elyrics are locations online where you can find a song by its lyrics. On both sites you can search by a part of the lyrics, the artist's name, or the song name.

Where do you go if you know the lyrics but you want the title?

Just google the lyrics that you know and it will tell you the artist and name.