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How do you find the names of the people who died on September 11 2001?


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A list of all the September 11 victims can be found at the Related Link below.


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In total 3,497 people died in the attacks on 11 September 2001. 2,740 Americans Died in the September 11 attacks.

how many people died on 9-11-2001

about 3,000 people died during September 11 2001.

memories when 11 September 2001 attack is mostly the world trade center and the deaths of those people who died on that day

189 people died in the Pentagon. Another 59 died in the plane (not counting the five terrorists). 63 were injured.

it is unknown but 6000 people died as an death toll update

it is unknown but over 6000 people died due to the updating death toll

In 2001, terrorists crashed into the Twin Towers. Many people died in the September 11th attacks on the Twin towers.

No. Aaliyah died in August 2001. Jackson's show was taped in September 2001. The 7th and 10th of September 2001

How many people died on September11,2001?

Dorothy McGuire died on September 13, 2001.

Arthur Wynn died on September 24, 2001.

Pawel Obloza died on September 12, 2001.

Miguel Dante died on September 26, 2001.

Ray Selfe died on September 3, 2001.

Veikko Tiitinen died on September 21, 2001.

Albert Viguier died on September 29, 2001.

Theo Gallehr died on September 2, 2001.

Brian Hawksley died on September 26, 2001.

Ejner Johansson died on September 28, 2001.

Robbert Wijsmuller died on September 4, 2001.

I remember looking at a list of victims names and ages shortly after 9-11 and was surprised that there were only 18 people under the age of 18 who died in the attacks.No children died in the twin towers, but there were 8 children on the planes. 5 on flight 77 and 3 on flight 175.

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