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read the story and find out what the problem is.

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Q: How do you find the problem of a book for a plot diagram?
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What is resolution of a story in a plot diagram?

solving the problem

What is the plot diagram for twilight?

get a book and start reading..

What exposition mean in a plot diagram?

the problem is appearing

Where can you find a plot diagram?

Here's a good link!

What is the plot diagram for the book Tuck Everlasting?

First then next and last

How do you do a plot diagram?

Write out the stages of a plot on a paper -- see the related question if you forgot these. Beside each heading, write what happened in the story or book that fits into that category. That's a plot diagram!

What is the plot diagram of a story?

A plot diagram is a tool you can use to organize the different parts of the story. An example of a plot diagram is Freitag's Pyramid.

Is a plot mountain a plot diagram?

Yes, it is

How do you find the plot in a book?

The plot is simply what happens in the story or book. Pretend you're explaining the story to a friend and you'll know the plot.

What are plot and conflict?

a plot is a summury of the big idea in the sttory and a conflict is the the main problem im the story or book.

Ang matanda at ang dagat plot diagram?

kwento na naka plot diagram

What is the plot diagram for the book leap day?

Well Josie is trying to audition for her school play, get her drivers license, and get Grant to like her. She try to have tricks to "bump into grant." The plot of the diagram is undefended because there isn't really a major problem. The only thing is Josie is writing in a dairy/journal basically. Over I loved this book by the way.. I think this should help answer your question.

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