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How do you find the value of old books?


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2008-05-01 22:59:02
2008-05-01 22:59:02 is a good place to view what other people are asking for similar books. This is not the same as knowing what similar books have sold for, but it puts you in the range of value --unless your book is so rare that nothing like it can be found for sale.


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You can find the value of old books in a few different places. You can go to a book store.

Most Libraries will have such books

Old books about basic programming can be found in libraries. One will find many good old books for programming in libraries of colleges or universities.

pokemon does not make many books or other sources for that but some older books have it , checkerbee has some books find checkerbee at

The three books in the old testament of historical value are the book of Esther, Ezra and Book of Songs.

At an old book store, libraries,, or searching Google (shopping) : Old astrology books.

Value depends on so many factors: market, condition of the piece, who appraises it, etc. The only way to find out the value is to take it to an appraiser or someone who deals in old books.

Most old Encyclopedia sets have little value, because the content is out of date. But you could try a used books dealer.

Maps of the Middle Colonies can be found in old atlas books. Old atlas books can be found in public libraries or in book stores that sell old atlas books.

It depends on the particular book you have and their conditions, try searching for their titles on or to find out if they have any value.

In story books and on old maps.

To find the age and value of an old tapestry, consult an appraiser. An antique collectible may also be able to help you find this information.

Old gun magazines, the library, the internet, old books.

On can find the value of a print by Walter Keane by looking in art appraisal books. One can also determine the value by visiting a local art dealer.

Check source listed in "related links"

Indeed they do. The value would depend on several factors including such things as rarity and condition.

Yes, you can find the value of classic cars in collector car books. The price can change from year to year though.

Library an old fashioned idea

To find the key go to the Coffie Shop and then go upstairs look in one of the old books and at the very end of the book you will see the key!!! ( Hint: old books)

Not sure on the value of the single book but the whole series (26 books plus the master index) is worth anywhere from $100- 400.

There are many online guides availble to use. You could also take it to a collector or antique shop.

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