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I believe there isn't enough information. In other cases you can use the relationship frequence x wavelength = speed (of the wave), but you need two of these pieces of information to find the third.

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Q: How do you find wavelength when only the frequency and time is given?
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How do you find velocity when only the frequency is given?

The question is incomplete. Frequency of what? If it refers to electromagnetic waves, you won't need even frequency to determine velocity (in a vacuum), because it will always be c (the speed of light). You can compute the speed of other kinds of waves if you know the frequency and wavelength, but not from frequency alone. The formula is frequency x wavelength = velocity If the waves are electromagnetic, and you have only frequency, you can compute the wavelength using the same formula.

Electromagnetic waves differ only in their what their energy and their frequency?

wavelength,frequency, and speed

Electromagnetic waves differ from each other in?

wavelength & frequency (but remember frequency is only a derivative of wavelength for any given propagation velocity) 'Amplitude' also varies (bigger waves!)

What speed radio wave with frequency 1000Hz?

All radio waves travel at light velocity ( 2.998 * 108 m / s)The relavant equation involved is:Velocity (fixed) = wavelength * frequencySo, with frequency given and velocity fixed, only wavelength remains to find.(2.998 * 108) = wavelength * 1000So:wavelength = (2.998 * 108) / 1000= 2.998 * 105 metres

What is the frequency of an EM wave that has a wavelength of 1 mm?

If only there were an equation that related the speed of EM waves, wavelength, and frequency... c=(wavelength)(frequency) Make sure and keep your units straight.

What is the frequency of a blue light with a wave length of 469 nanometers?

Frequency is in cycles per unit time Wavelength is in length per cycle To convert between the two you need the speed of the wave - which for light is the speed of light - which is given in length per unit time Frequency = Speed of light/Wavelength For a wavelength of 469 nanometers Frequency is 639 Terahertz (THz) or 639,000 Gigahertz (GHz) ... rounded to 3 significant digits since the wavelength is only given to 3 significant digits

How are the frequency and the wavelength of a light wave related?

(Wavelength) x (frequency) = (wave speed) Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency) Frequency = (speed) / (wavelength) Note: This is true for any traveling wave, not only electromagnetic ones.

92.7 is frequency or wavelength?

Hz (Hertz)is unit of Frequency where Wavelength is measured in metres (for eg. XRays have wavelength around 10X109m).92.7 without unit is a number only.

The string of a piano that produces the note middle C vibrates with a frequency of 262 Hz. If the sound waves produced by this string have a wavelength in air of 1.30 m what is the sound waves?

Question is to be corrected as to find the velocity of the sound waves Formula for velocity of the wave = frequency x wavelength Given frequency = 262 Hz and wavelength = 1.3 m So velocity = 262 x 1.3 = 340.6 m/s

How do you find the frequency and frequency density on a histogram when you are only given the class width?

To calculate the frequency density we will simply divide the frequency by the class width.

Why is the wavelength of light multiplied by the frequency of light is equal to the speed of light?

v=fλ (velocity (m/s)=frequency (s^-1) * wavelength (m)When dealing with light v=hf is also useful (same derivation as for above), where h is the Planck constant.

How is the energy of a photon related to its frequency and wavelength?

wavelength : wavelength is the distance from crest of one wave to the crest of next frequency : the number of waves that passes a given point in one second energy : the amplitude or intensity of a wave energy and frequency is directly proportional to each other when energy is high frequency is also high wavelength and frequency or energy is inversly proportional to each other when wavelength is high frequency or energy is low