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How do you find who or what insurance Co salvaged a specific car?


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To determine who put the salvaged vehicle back on the road you will need to do a title history search. Insurance Companies never salvage a totaled out vehicle. They may sometimes retain salvage rights but this is for the auction of usable salvage parts from a vehicle and it's scrap metal value for auction. Once the vehicle is auctioned for it's parts and scrap value the insurance company has no control over what the buyer will do with it. Often unscrupolous buyers will purchase several vehicles of the same type and use 2 or 3 of them to make major repairs that can never bring the vehicle back to specs and resell the resulting vehicle. This is how grey market vehicles wind up back on the road. Insurance companies consider salvaged vehicles as unsafe and a danger to the motoring public. This is why most insurers will not offer coverge for salvaged or "Grey Market" vehicles. although some insurers will offer liability only.


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to get a provider, just visit their website or one of their agents. To find out which insurance a specific car has, though, i cannot tell you.

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Answerno.I have a car that is financed through a bank. I recently found out that it has a salvaged title and I am having problems with getting full coverage insurance. the bank along with me didn't know it was a salvaged title at the time so what can I do.

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It depends on many aspects, however since it already has a salvaged total it will be significantly lessened than if it didn't already have a salvaged title. Your insurance company should be able to give you specifics as to why they are offering what they do.

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The title itself will sate that the car is a salvaged vehicle.

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Yes, any condition that caused the car to be totaled by an insurance company could cause it to have a salvaged title. A good hailstorm can do thousands of dollars of cosmetic damage resulting in a salvaged title.

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