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How do you find your DNS server?

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start run cmd {enter} ipconfig /all it'll be to the left of "dns server"

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When would a dns server contact a root server?

If a DNS server cannot find the answer to the DNS Query in its own database it will first query the forwarders (if there are any configured) and then ask the root server. root servers (by default) are the master DNS servers of the Internet.

How can someone find their DNS server configuration?

Someone can find their Domain Name System, or DNS, server configuration just by using their computer. Just pull up your my computer file and search for DNS.

Which command is used to find the DNS server?

Open a command prompt window then type in ipconfig/all Then there should be your dns server.

What are authoritative dns server and none-authoritative dns server?

authoritative dns server is server that has own databases that has name resolution for the clients that for resolve from name to ip address and for ip address to name. non-authorititative dns server is server that forward request of dns client to authoritative dns server for resolve.

Every time you ask for how to find your primary and secondary dns the answer is always something about going to your DNS server hows that your primary and secondary DNS if its only one set of numbers?

It means, you do not have secondary DNS server.

What is the difference between a preferred DNS server and an altenate DNS server?

What is the difference between a preferred DNS server and an altenate DNS server?Read more:

What is domain name server use for?

dns used to find the mail server for a domain?

What is DNS Lookup?

A DNS Lookup is when a device that supports IP asks a DNS server for the IP address associated with a domain name. The DNS Server must "look up" the IP associated with that domain name.For example, if you were to go to in your browser, your computer would initiate a DNS Lookup. This process involves asking the Primary DNS Server for's IP address. The DNS Server will ask other servers until the IP address is found and the information returned to you.Assuming it is not cached, to find the IP address for, your DNS Server would first ask a DNS Root server for the DNS Server that handles "com". The root server would reply with the IP address for "com". Your DNS Server would then find the DNS Server that handles "com" and ask it for "". The "com" DNS Server would reply with the IP address for "". Your DNS server would finally find the DNS Server that handles "" and ask it for "".Once your computer receives the reply containing the IP address for, it can finally ask for the webpage it hosts.A common analogy is that DNS is like a very large phonebook. You look through the phonebook for the name you want and it will tell you the number you need to dial the person you're looking for. The process of looking up the number is a "DNS Lookup".If you would like to experiment with DNS Lookups, you can use the command line utility "nslookup" in Windows or Linux.

How do you find your primary dns server?

Open the Command PromptWrite "ipconfig -all"Your DNS servers will be listed under "DNS Servers"

What happens when your school does not have a DNS server?

You can use the DNS server of the school's ISP.

What are authoritative dns server and none authoritative dns server?

An authoritative dns server contains the master files of the domain. It's returning the most reliable result; while a none authoritative dns server only caches its results, depending from the answer through the dns chain.

What is the definition of a DNS server?

DNS Server stands for Domain Name System. It is a special type of computer on the internet that supports a DNS server. DNS Servers can also determine the speed on which you surf the internet.

How do you find dns server address in Vista?

In the properties of your network adapter.

Where can one find out more about a dns server address?

On a computer running a Windows operating system, you can find your DNS Server Address by clicking Start> Settings> Network connections. Then double click on Local Area Connection. Now click the properties button and select Internet protocol. Click on properties and find Preferred DNS Server.

What is primary DNS server?

The primary DNS server is usually the same as the router's IP adress.

When was Unbound - DNS Server - created?

Unbound - DNS Server - was created in 2007.

What is the DNS server in which changes are made for a particular zone and then propagated to other DNS servers?

The prefered DNS server for the site is the server which sends the dns zone updates to all the other servers in the site. The primary DNS zone is created on the server and it has the authority to send changes in zone to other servers

Define DNS server?

DNS, or Domain Name Server, matches a websites domain name with the IP address for that website's server.

What command do you use to find out what your dns server knows about the domain name?


What is the process by which one DNS server sends a name resolution request to another DNS server?


What is DNS stand for?

TCP/ IP protocol suite uses a DNS client. DNS stands for Domain name system .A DNS server maps a name to an address.

What program is the DNS server?

Domain Name System (DNS)

What can one do to resolve a dns?

One looking to resolve their DNS issues should enable reverse look-ups on their DNS server. Next, one should check for duplicate records on their DNS server. Finally, one should compare the records on their DNS server and make the necessary changes.

Where can you find dns settings?

In you're using Windows, open a terminal window (Start > Run > "cmd") Then type: "ipconfig /all" The DNS servers will be among the information listed. If you're asking about what a good DNS server to use, go with, that's Google's free public DNS server.

How do you find a preferred dns server address?

Go to command prompt and type nslookup

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