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How do you find your WIFI code on your computer?


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December 31, 2010 5:04PM

I had to go through the same thing you're going through right now and that is why I picked this question. Just do the following instructions:

1. If you can't find your wifi code on your wifi router, then you this tells you that you must buy a new wifi router and register because it either expired or you don't have one. Your wifi router will be next to the computer and plugged into it and it will be white. And I am saying this because the only color it can be it white.

2. You can buy your new wifi router at Best Buy or Walmart. Walmart is cheaper than Best Buy, but Best Buy will probably have more information on how to register your new wifi router.

3. Bring your new wifi router home and register it. This means that you will make your won code that you will not forget. There will be instructions in the box on how to register. My mom had no problem registering. Your new wifi router will come with it's own newwork name.

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