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The shutoff for your house is at the gas meter! The shutoffs otherwise are at each individual fixture. If you shutoff the main and do some work, you will have to purge the air and light every pilot on the individual fixtures as well. Better to get a licenced gas fitter for safety and insurance sakes.

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Q: How do you find your main gas shutoff valve?
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Why is it necessary to have a pilot safety shutoff on a gas furnace?

so when the pilot goes out the gas valve is shut off

I need Gas Shutoff valve installed in a house located in city of Los Angeles?

Considering it is a gas valve you should call a plumbing and maintenance service around your area to get their rates.

Where is the emergency gas shutoff valve on a 1996 Chevy blazer?

It does not have one, You have to remove the fuel pump fuse are relay to shut the pump down.

What should i do if the main gas valve won't open?

If you measure "the applied voltage" (typically, 24 volts) across the coil of the main gas valve, and the valve refuses to open, it will need to be replaced. Before you do, double-check that gas is getting to the valve.The HVAC Veteran

Where do you find a valve on a gas heater?

find on alibaba internationnal

I am looking for source for an automatic natural gas whole house shut off valve incase of a house fire. thanks Phil?

house natural gas should have shutoff valve at the meter outside of house. I think you need to talk to the gas company. If this is propane tank as your supplier. It should be obvious on those.

How do you fix a furnace main gas valve that is stuck in closed position - Thermostat does not always cause main burner to light?

If your main gas valve is stuck in the closed position, it must be replaced. This condition is the reason your thermostat will not cause the main burners to light.

Does a gas dryer have to have its own dedicated gas line?

it does not have to have a separate line from the utility...but it typically has a line running from the already existing line within the home... like remove an elbow from the furnace line and install a tee, then a shutoff valve, then the line to the dryer. After the line arrives in the viscinity of the dryer, it should have another shutoff valve prior to connection to the dryer. Local codes may require additional fittings ot shutoffs... we love our gas dryer... wouldn't have an electric model...

Where is the gas shutoff relay on a 1990 Dodge Colt?

It has none.

What are the proper fuel line routings for a 1973 Yamaha RD350 Their are two outlets at the fuel shutoff valve and 2 more off the tankwhere do these go to?

On my 1976 RD400, the two at the shutoff valve go to the carburetors. The two on the tank are connected by a piece of fuel line to allow gas to get from one side of the tank to the other, to get past the frame "hump" in the tank.

Why doesn't the a 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 have a gas shutoff valve?

Older bikes that had carburetors could, if there was a problem with the float, allow gas to continuously fill and overflow the float bowl, leading to a large puddle of gas under your bike. To fix this, a shutoff valve was added. However, it is very easy to forget to turn off the valve after a ride, leading to the same issue. A vacuum operated switch was added to the valve that would only allow fuel to flow when there was suction, provided by the carb, which fixed this issue. Now since all Sportsters are made with fuel-injected engines, there is no need for the valve switch since an exact volume of gas is squirted into the cylinder. It does not use gravity to feed gas like the older carb-built engines.

How do you fix a furnace main gas valve that is stuck in open position and main burner burns all the time replaced thermostat and new wire without change?

the without change part is the most difficult part of the answer. Change the valve. Mine was less than $100. You have a runaway gas valve-the other contributor is right-replace the gas valve asap.

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