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so when the pilot goes out the gas valve is shut off

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Q: Why is it necessary to have a pilot safety shutoff on a gas furnace?
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How do you light the pilot on an octopus furnace?

How do I light pilot light on furnace

How does the gas safety valve work on a home forced air furnace?

The gas valve is an electrically powered device that is wired at the end of a series circuit so that it can only be energized (open) if all of the safety switches upstream in the circuit are closed and the pilot flame is lit on a standing pilot furnace.

How do you find your main gas shutoff valve?

The shutoff for your house is at the gas meter! The shutoffs otherwise are at each individual fixture. If you shutoff the main and do some work, you will have to purge the air and light every pilot on the individual fixtures as well. Better to get a licenced gas fitter for safety and insurance sakes.

Why does my furnace pilot light keep going out?

There are a couple common reasons for a pilot light going out. 1. The thermocouple is weak. This is the gold rod that must see the flame in order to keep the gas valve open. it is a safety device that will not let the gas vavle open if there is no pilot. 2. The pilot is dirty and has a yellow flame. If this is the case, it will have to be cleaned. There are books on he market such as forced hot air furnace - troubleshooting and repair that show you how to repair your furnace. You can buy this at

Where is the thermocople located on the furnace?

At pilot light, pilot light flows around thermocouple.

Does the Trane XE70 furnace have a pilot light?

No standing pilot, it is a spark ignition unit

Why does the pilot light in your furnace go out?

Defective thermocouple or possibly a dirty or clogged pilot orifice.

What causes the pilot light to keep burning out in a furnace?

If this is happening you need to get your furnace serviced by a qualified engineer.

Your payne furnace does not turn on when you move the thermostat?

i have a model 125u19 payne furnace i move the thermostat but nothing comes on in the furnace and the pilot light is lit

How do you clean pilot on furnace?

It's not necessary to clean it. If by any chance you have a problem and THINK you need to clean it, it's more likely the thermocouple is acting up and needs to be replaced.

Do central air conditioner units have pilot lights?

No, but your furnace still does

What is the advantage of a standing pilot for a furnace located under a house?


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