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How do you fish in Pokemon Emerald?

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What you to do first is register your best fishing pole (so that you don't have to take it out a lot) and after the little dots stop and it says that "I felt a bite!" or something like that you want to press A as quick as you can and it will keep on doing that but it will say "A pokemons on the hook!" press A one more time and you will be in a regular wild Pokemon battle. (You can fish while on a Pokemon Surfing or just o the shore.)

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Do you fish for waimer Pokemon Emerald?


How do you get a carvanah in pokemon emerald?

You have to fish with a super rod.

How do you get Pokemon corsala in Pokemon FireRed or emerald version?

Fish near ever grande city. (In emerald) In fire red you must get it in a trade.

Where do you catch luvdisc in Pokemon emerald?

In Pokemon Emerald players can find the Luvdisc on Route 128. Players can also fish from them using a super rod.

Where can you find a staryu in Pokemon emerald?

You can fish a staryu in lilycove city.

Pokemon Emerald how to fish?

you talk to a fisherman and he gives you a fishing rod

How do you get a core fish on Pokemon Emerald?

AnswerFish beside your dad's gym until you get it.BTW its called a corpfish

Where are the luvsdic Pokemon located?

right before you get to the Pokemon league on safire, ruby, or emerald you surf or fish and you will get one

How do you get Carvanha in Pokemon emerald?

Fish for it in the river by Fortree City using the best rod that you have.

Where do you catch corpish on Pokemon Emerald?

You can find it if you fish in the water near the Day-care.:)

Where is the emerald in pkemon emerald?

its not an emerald its RAYQUAZA the main legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald.

How do you get whiscash in emerald?

You can fish/surf in the water near the Pokemon center on your way to the Pokemon league. Or you can make a barboach evolve that's the easier way. Hope this info helps you in the wonderful game known as Pokemon Emerald. :)

How do you get to Hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

Pokemon emerald is in Hoenn

How do you get yanma in emerald?

You cannot get a Yanma in Pokemon Emerald, as only Hoenn Region Pokemon can be found in Pokemon Emerald.

Where can you catch luvdisc in pokemon emerald?

go outside victory road (south) and fish with the super rod

How do you get Cinnah Pokemon in emerald?


Where do you get regigigas in Pokemon emerald?

You can't get a Regigigas on Pokemon Emerald.

Where is the power plant in Pokemon Emerald?

there is no powerplant in pokemon emerald

Which Pokemon can learn defog in Pokemon emerald?

defog is not in emerald,

Where is pal park in Pokemon emerald?

There is no PalPark in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get hammer arm in Pokemon emerald?

where do you get the spade from on Pokemon emerald

Where is Rotom in Pokemon emerald?

rotom isn't in Pokemon emerald

Which is better pokemon emerald or pokemon leafgreen?

emerald no doubt

Where is groudan in Pokemon Emerald?

where can i find groudan in Pokemon emerald

How can you disable autosave in Pokemon emerald?

There is no Autosave in Pokemon Emerald.