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How do you fix 1998 sebring door stop that is broken?

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Remove the door panel. Unscrew the door check bolts in the door jamb, 2 in the door and 2 on the car frame. Remove the check unit by pulling it through the door and out the door face. Install new check through the door and replace door panel.

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What may be causing a 1998 Chrysler Sebring convertible to stop your turning the key in the ignition to start it and what are your repair options?

My wife and I purchased a Sebring (1998) that had the same problem. We were told it is the chip in the key. The key needs to be replaced.

How do you stop door from hitting wall?

my car hitting a broken wall on the road next door

How can you stop the door from sagging on a 1998 Chevrolet 1500?

You will have to replace the door hinges are pins.

How do you stop passenger door from clicking?

Door stop is most likely broken. Very common problem. Part is available from Volvo or other companies such as ipd.

How do you reset a 1998 Volvo cross country alarm system?

I have a 1998 v70 XC, AWD, when you hook the battery up and the blinkers start blinking and won't stop you put your key in the door lock and lock the door. Then you wait til the rear blinkers stop then open the door. the Blinkers should stop and you can start your car

Your 1998 sebring lxi coupe stalls when you stop at a red light or stop sign what could be the problem?

Similar problem on my 1997 Sebring LXi. You may want to clean or replace your EGR valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). It's located between the firewall and engine. Very simple to replace.

What can cause the mirrors on 1997 Chrysler con to stop working?

Broken wires in left door or fuse

Why does Garage door stop part way up?

Could be a broken spring, or the circuitry may be faulty.

Will stop leak plug the heater core on a Chrysler Sebring?

It can.

Why are there plugs in the drain holes at the from of the rear fender wells on your 1998 sebring convertible?

So that they can be taken out if any water gets into the trunk, and while in place they stop grouind water getting in.

What is a door stop?

A door stop is a piece of trim attached to the inside of the door jam. It is placed so that the door stops against it. Alternately, a door stop is used to hold open a door or to prevent the door from opening too far.

How do you stop an interior door from slamming if the owner of said door refuses to stop just throwing it shut?

To stop an interior door from slamming, when the owner refuses to stop throwing it, you can install a pneumatic door closer.

Door strap problems on a 1998 Volvo v70?

Door check stop failure is not uncommon on this vehicle. The spring breaks and the unit must be replaced. An after market door stop is about $30 from FCP Groton, a little less from IPD. Genuine Volvo part is about $55 from the dealer. Replacing the part is not difficult.

Is this true or false a rabbeted jamb does not require a door stop?

That is correct. The rabbet is the door stop

Where is the stop light switch on a 2002 Chrysler sebring?

It is on a bracket, just above the brake pedal.

How do you stop transmission pan leaking in Chrysler Sebring 2002 without changing the pan?

You don't.

Why 2001 Chrysler sebring dies at stop stop signs?

Could be the "Torque Converter Lock-up" Solenoid sticking in the lock position.

What is wrong when the master power window and power locks stop working on a 2004 Jeep Laredo and the sunroof still works?

You have a broken wire in the harness that runs to the drivers door. Look near the hinges for the door, the problem will be in that harness.

Would you get money if you traded a broken psp to game-stop?

No you woudnt. Why would gamestop want to get a broken psp

What is a door jamb?

A door jamb is the part of a door opening to which the door hinges, the strike plate, and the door stop are attached.

What would cause all of my windows locks and mirrors to stop working on a 2004 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

The 04 is common for a broken wire behind the door panel...usually when it comes out of the door and goes through the hinge area

What causes a garage door to suddenly stop before it it entirely closed?

Track blocked/damaged. Faulty stress sensor. Needs recalibration/reprogramming. travel-cam stop sensor/node broken/moved. Could be any of these.

What could cause the driver's side courtesy door entry light to stop working on a 2002 Passat other than a blown fuse?

blown bulb - broken wire

You opened the car door and alarm and hazards wont stop goin off the car is 1998 Ford Mondeo?

You could try putting the key in the ignition and starting it should stop the alarms andcheck the battery in your remote.

Where is the taillight fuse on a 1998 GMC pickup?

In the fuse panel labeled stop on the door chart or in the manual, not the one labeled brake....that one is part of the cruise control