How do you fix 2003 expedition rear differential pinion seal leak?

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remove rear drive shaft. remove pinion yolk from front of diff.remove oinion seal replace with new one. replace pinion yolk, replace driveshaft,.. dhceck ujoints of drive shaft while out, its a good time to replace them
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What are symptoms of a rear main seal leak?

Depending on the severity of the leak the oil level dropping in the engine in a manual there will be engine oil leaking from the bottom of the bell housing, (there is usually a hole drilled there for specifically this reason) In an auto (depending on variety of trnasmission and torque converter fitt ( Full Answer )

Can you use an oil stop leak to fix an rear main seal leak?

rear main seal must be replaced. also, is it leaking because the crankcase is holding pressure? your PCV is supposed to prevent that, to keep the seals from bolwing oil. if it got clogged, the rear main was the first to give, but wont be the last. once a seal blows ANY oil it is all done. Is PCV clo ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a transmission leak - you think it is the seal?

Answer . \nThe tranny pan is located at the front right of your car. You will have to drain all the oil from the pan. You do that by jacking up the car in the front then unscrewing the rear bolts in the pan until you are able to drain all the fluid from the pan (you might have to unscrew other ( Full Answer )

How to fix axle leaks on 95 Chevrolet PU with full floating HD rear end changing seal hasn't solved?

You need to remove axel and hub assy. again. And look at where the seal rides on the axel housing itself. they make a seal repair sleeve that drives over the axel housing to fix this problem. Clean and sand housing real good before you install sleeve. Need to check VENT TUBE on rear end housing to m ( Full Answer )

How do you know for sure that it is a rear seal leak?

Answer . Get some on your fingers. If Red it's Transmission Fluid if you have an Automatic. If you have Manual Transmission it will smell different, then the Oil from your Dipstick.\n. \nGood Luck and Remember. \nChange Your Mind, Not Your Oil.

What is the preload on the pinion bearing and the backlash on the crownwheel and pinion inside the rear differential of a 1997 ford explorer 4 wheel drive?

Preload for pinion bearing . The shim between the inner bearing and the pinion is critical and ifit's lost you need special tools to set the pinion depth. replace thebearings and seal with an new crush sleeve thighten the pinion nutuntil the sleeve crushes and you can't move the pinion up and dow ( Full Answer )

How do you fix the rear window seal on a 2003 vw beetle convertible?

You really don't. There was a manufacturers defect in the 2003 and 2004 NB convertibles. Upholstery shops will tell you that the window needs to be reglued. Average cost to remove the top and reglue is about $500, but they will not guarantee the fix. Save up and buy a new top from Robbins in Califor ( Full Answer )

How do you change a differential pinion seal on a Holden commodore?

You need to mark the position of the nut prior to removing.. a centre punch mark on the nut and shaft.. Remove nut and flange. pry out the seal and replace. install the flange and nut. Tighten the nut until the centre punch marks line up again

How do you fix a 1993 Chevy silverado rear pinion seal?

look up on this subject i you mechanics book if you don't have one go and look at your local library and the mechanics book tells you the year and model of the car if this is any help to you or you can look around at machanic shops and ask their advice..

How serious is it if the rear differential is leaking oil?

Pretty serious if it is leaking badly. Depending on different models of vehicle rear differentials, are very expensive to repair and replace. Honestly, if you are mechanically inclined you can grab yourself a gasket and your specified differential fluid at your local autoparts store. Gaskets are usu ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a gas tank seal leak?

To fix a gas tank seal leak you must drain the gas into an emptybucket and remove the tank. Then, cover the outlet holes with puttyand re-install it.

How do you fix leaking rear axle on 2001 ford expedition?

Pinion seal:. Remove the drive shaft from the yoke.. Pull the pinion yoke off the pinion shaft.. Remove the old seal and hammer on a new one. Seal is about 10 bucks.. Re-assemble. Rear cover:. Remove the cover bolts.. Put a pan under the rear end and pry the cover off.. Clean and re-silicone ( Full Answer )

How do you change rear pinion seal in 2006 GMC 2500?

Here's a safe way to do it: ~First mark position of drive shaft mounting to yoke. ~Second, remove shaft. ~Third, take a sharp pointed punch and hammer and put a mark on pinion nut and end of shaft inline with each other. ~Fourth, remove nut "Important" count the amount of turns you make becau ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a power steering leak on a 1999 expedition?

Clean the power steering are real good check for where the leak is coming from and go from there. For example if a hose is leaking replace hose, if power steering pump seals are leaking replace pump, exc.

Why does your tranny leak at rear seal?

It is possible the seal is just worn out but check the driveshaft u-joints. If a u-joint is bad it could cause the driveshaft to wobble putting extra strain on the rear seal.

Leak in the rear end on your 2006 king ranch expedition?

Your Question is Incomplete . WikiAnswers is designed to provide a specific answer to a specific question.. Questions that do not contain enough information cannot be answered - asking "did he die?" or "how did she become rich?" cannot be answered because we do not know who you are asking the q ( Full Answer )

How do you change front differential oil on 2003 Ford Expedition?

How to change the front and rear differential fluid in your half-ton The Front This is a really simple job to do. To make the job much easier, remove the front skid plate (5 bolts) and the bottom skid plate (4 bolts), if equipped. Once you get under the truck, you'll easily see where all the skid ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a rear main seal is leaking?

You will likely find oil puddles, from the size of a quarter to the size of your hand on your driveway in the area that corresponds to about the back of the engine compartment where your car has been parked. However, in some cases if the leak isn't bad yet, it will only leak while the engine is ru ( Full Answer )

How do you replace rear differential ring gear and pinion shaft 1980 fiat 124?

You will want to grab a factory service manual or a Haynes manual. Haynes is available new, the factory manual may be available electronically, or via ebay or Fiat sites. The general process is straightforward and includes removing the wheels, brake calipers, brake caliper mounting brackets, rotors, ( Full Answer )

Leaking water from the rear on a 1997 ford expedition?

This question is a little vague. There will be some water coming from the rear A/C unit when in use. This is normal. The rear window washer fluid lines run in the roof and will leak when used if they are worn or have come loose. I've personally had this problem with my 97. Then, of course, it could ( Full Answer )

How much is a differential rear on a 2000 ford expedition?

You should be able to get one from a scrapyard. many have parts searches they can do for you online & probably cheaper than a repair. A gear set is 200.00 & you can get a rearend for that in some places.

Why coolant leaks in rear of Ford Expedition?

Because of the dual zone a/c-heating system, instead of using rubber ford chose to use steal or aluminum tubing from the front to the back. More than likely the tubes have made contact with metal and with normal driving conditions have rubbed a hole in the tube. maybe just a leaky connection to th ( Full Answer )

How do you fix shift seal leak from a motorcycle?

get the new seal from your local shop or online Remove the shift linkage/shift lever, use a pick or small flat head driver to pop out the old seal, clean the shifter shaft and case opening. oil/grease the new seal and pop it in with the open side faceing the motor

How do you replace rear differential pinion bearing?

trying to replace rear pinion bearings 1993 ford aerostar, 7.5 rear differential...slinger washer on drive shaft side is stuck, cant get pinion shaft out, all differential parts have been removed...any suggestions?

Why would a rear axle seal leak?

it leaks because the super glue holding it in place wears off over time. best solution is to add more glue, preferably gorrilla glue. The bearing may have excess play and the old seal can't keep up with it. NEW ANSWER: All things wear out. But check these things when you replace the seal. #1 Th ( Full Answer )

How much cost to fix differential leak?

A diff leak is unusual since they are supposed to offer lifelongsvc- If it is the cover area in the center or carrier where thegears are which is the only place I can think of that might leak ona non 4wd, the gasket is 15.00 (approx), 2 pints of gear oil and alittle labor and you are all set. This i ( Full Answer )