How do you fix Linux boot on win 8 boot loader you have windows and win 7 and win 8 currently booting on the blue boot loader for win 8 Linux says initialize variable space error unknown file system?

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In Linux
If you have errors coming up when you have Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on a computer, it may be best to delete those two programs. By deleting the files, you will be able to install the correct program correctly.
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How do you create a boot disk in Linux?

Most modern Linux distributions do not have boot floppies to start the installation; they assume that your computer is capable of booting from a CD (which it likely is). Debian is one of the few exceptions. The boot floppies can be downloaded from the Debian website. Note that the latest release doe ( Full Answer )

How do you boot Linux with Windows?

It is known as a dual-boot. Install Windows first, then installwhichever distribution of Linux you what to use second. You aregiven the choice of which to use at the start of booting up.

What are the steps in the Linux boot process?

The Linux boot process can be divided into six steps which are as follows:. Kernel loader loading, setup, and execution: In this step, the bootsect.s file is loaded into the memory by the BIOS. When the bootsect.s file sets up, it loads the rest of the kernel into the memory. . Parameter setup and ( Full Answer )

How do you dual boot linux?

Like all dual-booting processes, you must have ample space in yourhard disk to do so, then you have to partition your diskaccordingly for each operating system you wish to install. ****** Have a look at WUBI, which is a program that allow Ubuntu to beinstalled as a file on a Windows computer, withou ( Full Answer )

How do you make a Linux boot disk?

Find out the image named boot.img. It can be located at different locations on different distributions on the CD: . Red Hat / Fedora Linux : /images/boot.img . Debian Linux: /install/floppy/boot.img 2. Now, to write an Linux install disk, you can use dd command and type this: . dd if=/imag ( Full Answer )

How do you change boot label of Linux?

By "boot label", I presume you mean it's name as it appears in the boot menu. You can change this by editing the boot menu in question. For GRUB: The GRUB menu can be found in /boot/grub/menu.list For LILO: The LILO menu can be found in either /boot/lilo/lilo.conf or /etc/lilo.conf Fo ( Full Answer )

Why can't I boot Windows after installing Linux?

If you told the installer to use the entire hard drive, Windows will be erased. If you told it to resize the partitions on the disk, Windows should still be bootable from the GRUB boot menu. If the installer was interrupted before GRUB could be installed, Windows is probably still intact, but lacks ( Full Answer )

What is the Linux boot process?

The BIOS (or other firmware) loads the bootloader. . The bootloader locates the Linux kernel, and boots it. T . The kernel initializes the hardware and mounts the hard drives. . The kernel runs /sbin/init . init loads other boot scripts (such as for networking and daemons) . boot scripts launch ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by boot strap loader?

In computing, booting ( booting up ) is a bootstrapping process that starts operating systems when the user turns on a computer system.. The bootloader typically loads the main operating system for the computer.. A very small program (usually residing in ROM) which reads a fixed location on a ( Full Answer )

How do you dual-boot Windows and Linux?

Install Windows first, if you have not installed either yet. After it is installed, just install Linux to the other partition or disk. Most modern Linux distributions use GRUB, which will detect and automatically configure a menu for you to choose from when you start the computer.

Who was the last English player to win the golden boot?

The last English man to win the golden boot is Geoff Hurst. If we're talking about the prize for top goal scorer at the world cup it was Gary Lineker in 1986, Geoff Hurst never won it as Eusebio won it in 1966.

What is the name of boot loader?

In order to answer the question, one would need to know for which operating system the "bootstrap loader" or boot loader is intended. There have been many boot loaders since electronic computers capable of running stored programs were first developed. Some of the earliest bootstrap loaders had no na ( Full Answer )

Can you dual boot linux?

Of course you can. The de facto standard bootloader, GRUB, is the reference implementation of the multi-boot specification.

What file contains the Boot Loader Menu?

In XP and earlier, it's called boot.ini. In Vista and 7 (and possibly future OSes), you have to use a program called bcdedit to change the bootloader.

Can you install both Win XP and Vista for dual boot?

Yes you can. Its tricky though. Here are the steps: . With XP as native(installed first) OS: . . With Vista as Native OS: . ( Full Answer )

Can you dual-boot Linux?

Absolutely. In fact, the default bootloader for Linux is the reference implementation of the multi-boot standard. It's mostly Windows that doesn't like to multiboot.

How do you dual-boot Windows 7 and Fedora Linux?

Go into your BIOS and change the settings to start from CD/DVD player first instead of your hard drive. Let the CD boot follow the instructions for language and time zone. You can either let Fedora use the empty space left on your hard drive to set partions for you or you can manually set your own p ( Full Answer )

Boot camp for 8 yrold?

Boot camps for an 8 year can be a difficult thing to find. Most boot camps and boarding schools will not accept a youth that is under the age of 12. There are a few places where parents can find help for an 8 yr old. They also have programs that parents can implement at home, rather sending their ch ( Full Answer )

How do you write a boot loader?

Here's a Step-to-Step Tutorial MAKE SURE YOU READ EVERYTHING : Top to bottom, front to back. Do NOT copy/paste the script, it's only an example.

What are boot loaders?

Bootloaders are pieces of software that are responsible for helpingto load the operating system into memory during boot time.

How do you boot Linux?

You can use a live CD/DVD or a bootable flash drive or hard disk that has it installed. Once properly installed and configured, it will boot via the bootloader (GRUB in BIOS/CPM or EFI).

How do you get Windos to boot over Linux?

You can make it the default option in the bootloader. Or you could reinstall the Windows bootloader, but it will not allow you to boot Linux without modification.

How do you dual-boot Windows 7 and Linux?

You could use Wubi (Ubuntu Linux), GParted, fdisk or cfdisk. I recommend installing Windows first (if it's not there already) and then Linux.

Do win customize boot skin and object bar have viruses?

No Boot Skin And Object Bar Does Not Have Viruses. But Make Sure You Don't Download BootSkin and ObjectBar At Any Website Accept These: If It Is A Virus. Then You Downloaded From a Different Site then Those.

What files are used in the Linux boot process?

There is no specific set or list of files that need to exist to boot a Linux system. Once the kernel launches the init program, the rest of the boot process depends entirely on the style of that init. There are several different init styles, hence different file names and locations. Furthermore, the ( Full Answer )

What is dual booting in Linux operating system?

Dual booting is not restricted to Linux. Dual booting refers to the presence of two operating systems on one computer. Switch/choice between these operating systems is determined at boot time (either via bios or boot manager), therefore only one operating system is at use at a time.

Can you use a Windows boot loader to load the Linux operating system?

Yes you can. Ubuntu's WUBI uses the Windows bootloader (NTLDR) to boot Linux. It also uses the Windows filesystem (NTFS). This, however, is not the traditional way to do things. The traditional way to dual-boot Linux and Windows is to use a generic bootloader such as Grub to boot both Windows and Li ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader feature in windows 7?

Following are the boot loader features of windows 7: a) Windows Boot Manager(Bootmgr.exe) b) Windows Operating System loader c) Windows Resume Loader

How does Windows 8 boot fast?

Well, for starters, Microsoft got their act together to some extent, but the hardware it boots on and it's storage medium matter much more. If the hardware uses an SSD or Flash, it will boot faster than a hard drive.

How do you fix ubuntu boot on win 8 boot loader I have xp win 7 and win 8 currently booting on the blue bootloader for win 8 but Ubuntu initialize variable space error unknown filesystem?

In order to fix files and Windows 8 on a computer, it is best to take the computer to qualified people who have the resources to fix it correctly. You may also be able to run a system restore on the computer that will erase current systems and start over the programs that were on the computer when b ( Full Answer )

How do you install fedora and Windows 8 in a dual boot mode?

First make partitions for the operating systems - first windows 8 then fedora partitions of / swap and /home - then First install window 8 after having made partitions for both operating systems, then install fedora to the partition previously made for installing it. Grub bootloader detects windows ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader in Linux?

There are several types of bootloaders - it's up to you to decidewhich one to use (isolinux, syslinux, LILO, Grub [or Grub Legacy],and Burg are some to get you started).

What happens when we boot up to Linux?

Just like any OS - it would come up with a boot animation (and/oran accompanying terminal display showing what is starting up), andif it has a graphical interface, it would boot into the loginscreen.

How Linux 7 boots?

There is no such thing as a "Linux 7". Even if there is a Linuxdistribution trying to market itself as a Windows 7 lookalike, itwould be in a lot of legal trouble with Microsoft. As far as theLinux kernel, it's not the sole component responsible in booting.Additionally, the Linux kernel is up to at ( Full Answer )