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Trouble code P0171 means: System Too Lean (Bank 1)


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Trouble code P0171 means:System too lean (Bank 1)

Disconect battery for at least 2 min.

Trouble code P1300 means: Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

OEM installed 225/60r16

97 honda accord headbolt specs

CODE 10 for Accord Civic CRV CRX Del Sol Odyssey Prelude 85-98 86-98 97-98 85-91 93-97 95-98 85-98 = IAT Sensor (Intake Air Temperature) defective circuit or unplugged / defective sensor

yes, your lug pattern size is 4x114.3 for 94-97 Accords. All models.

Google '97 escort P0112' and take your choice.

Trouble code P0443 means: EVAP Canister Purge Volume Control Solenoid Valve

1997 Honda accord special addition

It is the engine speed curcuit that is malfunctioning. Replace the Crankshaft position sensor.

An emergency fix is to add about 1 ounce of brake fluid to the resivoir. This will help somewhat by swelling the seals but it will not last long. The only permanent fix is to replace the pump.

Trouble code P1506 means: Idle Air Control Overspeed Error

Yes, as long as both are 4 cylinders or both are V6's.

i have a 97 acura integra with slight hesitation when shifting and i was wondering the same thing. from what i have found on the internet i think it would be okay to use...

take out the center concole and dash radio and all. the same thing happened to my with my 97 accord. and most likely its unplugged. very easy fix.

Pull the ashtray out and it is right there

Code P1441 means Vacuum cut bypass valve or circuit fault replace the bypass and it should go away

No, the only transmission that fits exactly is a 94-97 Accord. The 90-93 Accord can be used, but you will need the 90-93 flywheel. Chuck

It has no governor. The speed is computer controlled.

You don't, the bumper is longer and it wont fit

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