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you cant fix it , u have to bring it somewhere that can fix it, or buy a new one

AnswerIts NEVER advisable to open your CD player because of the laser disc reader which can cause you severe injury so the advice already given is correct...either get a qualified engineer to look at it or simply buy a new one. AnswerI think it would be cheaper to buy a new one unless you want to put some serious elbow grease in it
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Q: How do you fix a CD player?
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How do i Fix a jeep CD player?

We have a 2005 jeep rubicon and the cd player isn't working how can we fix it?

How do you fix error 99 in CD player?

In order to fix an error 99 problem on a CD player, try turning the CD player off and leaving it off for about 60 seconds. You then will want to re-start the CD player and try to insert a CD.

How do you repair a Ford Explorer CD player?

My cd player do not work. The tape will not take the cd. I would have to force the cd inside the cd. How can i fix this problem?

How do you fix E20 error code on 2000 grand am CD player?

buy a new cd player

How to fix CD player says bad CD and tape player in '97 ford explorer?

you sell the ford and buy a Chevy

How do you fix a cassette player that goes forward and rewind on its own repeatedly?

convert to a CD player

How to install a CD player in a Mitsubishi endeavor?

Google the model car and the wire diagram follow cd player diagram and fix wires together

How would you fix the Cd player in a 2001 ford Mustang?

By taking it to a macanic

How do you fix CD player on 1998 infiniti i30?

replace it with new or refurbished

How do you fix a broken muji wall mounted CD player Definitely have power but CD will not go round?

same problem here!

Why doesn't my Car CD player work?

it depends on the car or the radio or they way it was fix.

How do you fix the CD player in a 2001 olds alero says check CD?

Check the actual CD to make sure it is not dirty or damaged. Try another CD as well. If the problem does lie with the CD, run a cleaner disc through the player a couple of times. A dirty lens may be the problem. If the cleaner does not fix the problem or will not work, the player made need professional fixing or may need to be replaced entirely.

How can I fix Skipping CD player?

Easiest is to replace it. By the time you remove it, take it in, someone takes it apart and fixes it you could buy a new CD player and it comes with a warranty.

2005 Chevy Malibu CD player stopped working it locked up and a CD was stuck inside it I was able to get the CD out now the CD player will not work how should I fix this issue?

This will answer your question for sure. It helped me!

How can you fix the CD Player on my Isuzu Ascender it is stuck on check CD with no CD inside?

unless you know A LOT about computers you cannot and it would be more expensive to get a shop too repair it then to get a new CD player and install it. so just get a new one :)

How do you fix a CD player that wont eject?

Pull the fuse, wait a minute, install fuse.

How would you fix the Cd player in a 1999 Honda Accord if it rejects Cds and reads either error or?

You can try a CD player cleaner. Check the CD s also, they may be too scratched to work in the player. Also make sure you are putting the CD in correctly(right side up).

How do you fix the CD player on a 02 olds alero?

Fixing your cd player will depend on what the problem is. Make sure the wiring harness is securely connected. Make sure the in-line fuse is operational. Make sure the cd player fuse in the fuse box is operational.

How do you fix your CD player in your Neon because of a blown fuse?

Start by disconnecting the cd player and any external amp. Replace the fuse. if it does not blow, then connect the cd player, amps and other components one at a time. When the fuse blows that is the problem area. If its the cd or amp, its an internal problem and is not user serviceable.

How do you fix error message on CD player on 2004 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

My CD player on a 2001 Ford Taurus would so "no" when you tried to do do any function on the CD player. I had the battery replaced in the car and the CD player started to work. I have found other referances to ford CD players where the power had to be removed from the radio and that reset the error and it would work find after that

How do you fix an E20 code on the CD player of a 99 grand prix without replacing the radio and paying the dealership?

You need to manually clean the laser lense on the CD player. How??? code 23 is what is displyed.

Can I fix CD Player says No Disc?

After fuse was removed to see if blown when put back was where cd player said no disc. Before that it said disc error because it would't change cds.

Is there anyway to fix a fried car CD player The guy who i bought my car from wired the CD player that was in there straight 2 the wires from the car. So But when i tried to put the new 1 in it fried?

No, there not a way to fix the car CD player. Without the proper wiring harness, all of the electrical components in the radio are damaged. When installing the next unit, ensure that you have the proper wiring harness.

How do you fix the CD error on Ford Escape?

My 2006 Ford Escape CD player has stopped working. The radio and digital clock still work fine. It reads out CD error when I insert a CD. Then ejects it. Please help.

What is wrong with a compact disc when you put a CD in and it will no read CD?

If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.